FutureCite: a virtual marketplace for job seekers

For FutureCite, building workforce talent is about building community. The company’s mission is to simplify the search for careers, companies, and courses across all industries. FutureCite.com gives people entering or re-entering the workforce or looking to change or develop their careers a one-stop marketplace. Through the website, you can find a job or someone to fill a role, get a mentor, and network. On FutureCite, people and companies share their real-life challenges and successes, inspiring others and creating a greater sense of community. You can also use their platform to assess your potential talent, skills, and capabilities and find matches to job postings and for courses to get the skills and training for those jobs.

FutureSite provides a virtual marketplace and community for job seekers, employers, educators, mentors, and protégés.

Visit www.futurecite.com

Amoveo Training: simulation products for realistic education

Amoveo designs and manufactures customized trainers, wearable special effects, and simulated tissues for medical, paramedic, and nursing education to address complex challenges across Canada and the US. Matthew Jubelius started Amoveo Training to address a gap in education simulation products. He had seen many DIY attempts for moulage that used construction caulking on the skin as well as simulation products that were used in training that didn’t response like real tissue. His answer – provide specialized healthcare simulation training to enhance the realism of healthcare and safety simulations. Today, Amoveo provides simulation products that increase the realism of education, safety, and teamwork. Amoveo’s simulation products are reusable and skin-safe, helping save valuable setup time and increase efficiency.

“After seeing many DIY attempts including people building unsafe products to save a few dollars, and seeing limited functionality of current market products, I felt compelled to design solutions that are safe for learners,” says Matthew Jubelius.

Showbie: a platform for faster and easier grading

Showbie helps teachers create engaging learning experiences by empowering educators with an easy-to-use workflow app. The platform allows for faster, easier grading and assessment, and offers schools and districts operational efficiencies and cost savings. In 2012, Colin Bramm and Roy Pombeiro started Showbie with the idea of helping teachers to upload assignments for students, have students submit completed work, and allow teachers to provide feedback on the work. All this happens without paper and in an easy-to-use digital platform. Showbie served approximately 18,000 teachers per month prior to the pandemic. Today, the company’s platform has over three million users in more that 140 countries and is available in 14 languages. Recognizing the gaps in support roles needed for growth, Showbie was able to leverage Alberta Innovates support to help fund two commercialization experts.

Currently, Showbie has raised $16.5 million in funding, and in 2021 was named one of the 11 Canadian companies to watch, as well as a SIIA Education CODiE Finalist in Best Education-Cloud Based Solution Category

Visit www.showbie.com