Beyond inefficiencies, operator error and fatigue can compromise safety, which potentially has fatal consequences.

Founded in 2020, Correct-AI is meeting the need for safer and more efficient operation of heavy-duty equipment. The Canadian industrial robotics and artificial intelligence company, led by CEO Siamak Akhlaghi, aims to mitigate operational risks to personnel and equipment, while improving efficiency on work sites.

Correct-AI's technology improves operator visibility, eliminates false alarms with intelligent threat detection, eliminates blind spots, and reduces insurance risk with on board storage and analysis of equipment activity.

Correct-AI's PROX-EYE system combines cameras, LIDAR, and proprietary artificial intelligence software into a cost-effective tool that promises to revolutionize the way industrial vehicles are managed in challenging worksite situations.

The PROX-EYE can be utilized in a variety of industries such as energy, agriculture, logistics, construction, and mining. It is easily customizable and can be retrofitted to a wide array of equipment and area sizes.

"Correct-AI is addressing safety problems in industrial work environments and is proven to lessen the occurrence of accidents in industrial environments."

- Siamak Akhlaghi

Correct-AI is an example of Alberta-based innovation addressing safety problems in industrial work environments. Since its inception, Correct-AI has raised approximately $2.5M through a combination of funding from the federal and provincial government and private capital investments.

In Q4, 2022, the company is set to launch its Intelligent Site Mapping product and looks to expand into U.S. and global markets, via new distribution agreements.