Leaks from pipelines carrying oil negatively impact the environment and cost money in lost product and clean up. Additionally, it's estimated that 30 to 50 per cent of clean treated water pumped through municipal water mains is lost due to leaking infrastructure - a significant issue in a world that's dealing with water scarcity. 

Total Containment Inc. (TCI) has a solution. Founded in 2016 by president and CEO Larry Young, TCI has developed two patented pipeline secondary containment systems with integrated leak detection: Envirolock 1.0 and Envirolock 2.0. They ensure that product being transported by a pipeline has no interaction with the environment in the area where the containment system is installed.The integrated leak detection system delivers added protection, ensuring leaks are detected quickly and are captured and held until the owner/operator intervenes. 

Containment systems provide clear environmental benefits when utilized by industry in areas where a leak could cause damage to lakes, rivers, streams, and agricultural land. The systems can also help pipeline owners/operators solve critical problems when it comes to obtaining permits for new projects, while helping industry operate and maintain existing pipelines. 

When installed on municipal water and sewer infrastructure, the Envirolock System adds decades of maintenance-free operation, ensures no water loss due to leaks in water main infrastructure, and protects infrastructure from inflow and infiltration issues.  

The technology, which has a lifespan of 75 years, is easy to use, and can be installed on existing pipelines, including those that have been opened for inspection. It can be installed in most weather conditions, including temperatures as low as -40, which is important in Alberta's climate. 

TCI has a manufacturing facility in Nisku, Alberta, and an office in Calgary and is on track to becoming a fully commercial company in 2023, with an estimated workforce of 30 to 50 people.The company has agreements with Spence Corrosion, Wildflower Process and Control - an indigenous-owned company - and a multitude of other industry players that provide access to the engineering, skilled labour, and robotics that play key roles in the manufacturing and installation of Envirolock technologies. 

The next critical milestone for TCI is to conduct pilot projects with industry and municipalities.TCI has received a Letter of Intent from one mid-stream company to engage in a pilot project on their system this year.They are also actively engaged with several municipalities to pilot test TCI systems on their aging infrastructure. To support the engagement of companies in pilot projects, TCI is conducting ongoing development testing of the Envirolock 2.0 system, supported by computer simulations of the systems in different services.

TCI is also developing Envirolock 3.0 and has applied for patents for the new technology. The company plans to partner with one or more indigenous-owned companies to manufacture Enviromesh, a component of the Envirolock 2.0 system, out of recycled single-use plastics. 

The Founding partners put up the initial funding, with subsequent rounds of funding coming from grants and other sources, resulting in a total investment of approximately $2 million. In 2021, TCI was selected as one of Canada's 50 most investable "Green Tech" companies by Foresight 50 Canada.