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Did you know that Alberta Innovates, Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health are using a digital system to improve the efficiency of administrative processes involved in clinical health research studies? They're using EDGE a cloud-based research management system developed by the Clinical Informatics Research Unit at the University of Southampton and has been licensed by Alberta Innovates.

What does EDGE do? It is a software dedicated to developing a unique approach to the management and conduct of clinical health research. It provides researchers and administrators with faster access to real-time data, allowing them to track and manage their studies from start to finish as well giving them complete oversight of their patient recruitment.

How does EDGE help clinical research in Alberta? EDGE promotes research teams and administrators working together in the system which expedites the process by which research studies become active and available to patients. Organizations collaborating in the system also promotes the sharing of high-quality research data and removes duplication of efforts by research administrators.

EDGE is one of the digital health systems used in Alberta that helps bring opportunities for Albertans to participate in high-quality and novel clinical research studies.

If you're interested in learning more about EDGE please contact: edgealberta@albertainnovates.ca.