CALGARY, ALBERTA - APRIL 19, 2022 - Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters, and executive producer and host of the New York Times podcast Together Apart, will present at Inventures 2022 in Calgary, June 1 - 3, 2022. Priya will appear in a conversation on June 2, talking about the New Era of [Re]Gathering.

As we enter the next normal, how do we re-gather? How do we ease the apprehension? How can companies develop a hybrid meeting and event culture that equally engages those back in the office, and those employees permanently working from home? How can we build connection among colleagues who have never met in real life?

Companies and organizations are looking back at two years of cancelled in-person retreats, holiday parties, and Bring-Your-Kid-To-Work-Days, among many others. In insightful conversations with companies and groups from across all industries, Priya Parker will answer these important questions on how to rethink and rebuild a post-pandemic approach to gathering.

Priya is helping us take a deeper look at how anyone can create collective meaning in modern life, one gathering at a time. She is a facilitator and strategic advisor, spending 20 years helping leaders and communities have complicated conversations about community and identity and vision at moments of transition. Trained in the field of conflict resolution,

Parker has worked on race relations on American college campuses and on peace processes in the Arab world, southern Africa, and India.

"The pandemic has been a challenging time for us all. As we enter into this next normal, what does that look like for businesses, companies, entrepreneurs and executives? Priya Parker will share her insight on this and provide her unique perspective from her expertise as a facilitator and strategic advisor - at Inventures 2022,"

Laura Kilcrease, CEO of Alberta Innovates.

Inventures is a global innovation experience hosted by Alberta Innovates to bring together the world's brightest minds, angels, venture capitalists and industry leaders. Launched in 2018, Inventures is gaining global interest as the place to discover new technologies, talent, capital, customers and markets.

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