In May 2018, Alberta Innovates unveiled three funding programs to support work in the areas of climate change and water innovation.

Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework (CCITF)

The CCITF is a framework to support and achieve the goals of Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan through innovation and technology. Alberta Innovates will deliver five programs under the CCITF framework.  The CCITF program is now closed.

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Water Innovation Program

Alberta Innovates Water Innovation Program (WIP) is a flagship program for the Government of Alberta focused on the advancement of knowledge and innovation in support of the Water for Life Strategy and Alberta's Water Research and Innovation Strategy and has the following goals:

  • Building projects to enhance scientific understanding and developing best practices in managing water security, risk and vulnerability
  • Ensuring excellence in watershed stewardship and ecosystem management
  • Developing energy efficient technologies for increased water conservation, efficiency and productivity

Projects supported through WIP fall under four key themes:

  1. future water supply and watershed management,
  2. healthy aquatic ecosystems,
  3. water use conservation, efficiency, and productivity, and
  4. water quality protection.

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Open Call 2018 - Expressions of Interest - Bitumen Beyond Combustion

Alberta Innovates is furthering the development of non-combustion products and their production technologies, derived from bitumen contained in Alberta's extensive oil sands. The latter are amongst the world's largest hydrocarbon resources, with proven reserves of approximately 180 billion barrels. At present, most bitumen products (such as gasoline, diesel, and heating oil) are destined for energy generation by combustion.

The 'Bitumen Beyond Combustion (BBC)' Project has been created with goals to:

  • diversify the uses of oil sands bitumen, resulting in high-value, large-scale non-combustion products that can be made by or in partnership with Alberta's oil sands industry;
  • accommodate increasing bitumen production in Alberta, by creating new and/or expanded markets for bitumen and bitumen-derived products;
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with bitumen; and
  • offset potential lessening in the demand growth of bitumen, resulting from factors that include increased global oil supplies, environmental concerns about the use of oil-based fossil fuels, energy conservation, and electrification of transportation.

The BBC Project focuses on large-scale non-combustion products and their production technologies that are:

  • technically and commercially viable now or can become so;
  • competitive with or superior to existing products and production technologies;
  • large-scale, requiring at least 100,000 barrels of bitumen per day (bpd) by 2030; and
  • contributing to Alberta's prosperous, environmentally and socially sustainable diversified economy.

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