Every time you go through the turnstile, sports organizations want you to enjoy your game-day experience so that you remain passionate and loyal-and keep coming back. It's a challenge facing every sports organization. And it's why many organizations are turning to data firms-like Calgary-based StellarAlgo-that use data analytics to better reach and engage fans.

Since startup in 2016, StellarAlgo has assembled a client roster that includes some of North America's most prestigious sports teams and entertainment organizations. Like the Portland Trail Blazers, the Vancouver Canucks or U.S. Open Tennis, just to name a few.

Vince Ircandia

"We're focused on enabling live audience businesses leverage data to better understand and connect with their fans," says Vince Ircandia, StellarAlgo's founder and CEO.

Customers are attracted to the company's powerful data platform, which applies machine learning to enable organizations to easily track and decipher the immense amounts of fan data they collect through ticketing, email marketing and social media. Using this knowledge, they can better market to fans and drive ticket sales.

"Our platform is unique in its ability to quickly pull together data," explains Megan Kurcwal, StellarAlgo's head of sales and marketing. "We've automated the system and added predictive analytics so organizations can understand propensities fans have for different products, events and promotions."

Thanks to this innovation, the company is a rising star in the world of sports data analytics. They've grown their staff to 17. They continue to add big name customers (in April, they signed their first Major League Baseball client, the Kansas City Royals). They're also working with minor league sports franchises and cultural institutions. To expand further, the company is looking at college athletics and overseas markets.

It's a satisfying turn of events for Ircandia, who's originally from Calgary and previously built and led analytics teams at the Los Angeles Kings (part of AEG Worldwide) and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Ircandia credits part of StellarAlgo's recent success to support from Alberta Innovates. Since 2018, the company has accessed funding through the Alberta Innovates Commercialization Associates program.

"In addition to financial support, Alberta Innovates staff have helped us to refine our vision and allowed us to accelerate our commercialization plan.  We look forward to their ongoing support as we dream big," Ircandia says.