EDMONTON, AB, June 09, 2021 – Alberta spends nearly 40 per cent of the provincial budget on health. Alberta Innovates is launching the Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) – Concepts program to help address that challenge by contributing to reducing the cost of care and improving the health of Albertans by nurturing a digital health ecosystem.

The AICE – Concepts program will assist early-stage health research that demonstrates high commercialization potential. It will accelerate the application of computational technologies that lead to personalized health benefits in disease prevention and diagnosis.

Early-stage innovators will be able to apply through the program for up to $600 thousand in funding, for up to 36 months, to help commercialize their innovations. Successful projects will employ technologies, such as artificial intelligence to enhance the health of individual citizens by focusing on prevention and diagnosis. Find out full program details and how to apply on the AICE – Concepts webpage.

The program aims to convert health research into new innovations, contributing to a robust and globally competitive innovation economy in Alberta.

“The AICE – Concepts program enables early-stage innovators to apply new personalized health approaches using digital tools, advancing their commercialization journey towards a healthier and economically stronger Alberta.”
Tim Murphy, Vice President Health, Alberta Innovates


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Dwayne Brunner

Senior Manager, Media & Strategic Community Relations