Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) – Concepts

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What Is It?

The Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) – Concepts Program is designed to enable and accelerate early-stage innovators along the commercialization client journey from ideating to conceptualizing across four domains of commercialization.  The first stream addresses three priority areas within precision health.  Details of the commercialization client journey and the priority areas can be found in the sections below.

Health care expenditures in Alberta are increasingly unsustainable, with about $2.4M spent hourly and consuming approximately 40% of the provincial budget. A growing and aging population, a higher prevalence of chronic disease, a higher demand for multidisciplinary care, and the complex and expensive process required to convert health research into new health interventions suggest that the rising trend in healthcare costs will not be slowing down any time soon. However, the advent of emerging methods and technologies promises to create products that deliver more effective and patient-centered care. Alberta needs to harness the power of emerging health opportunities to unlock the full potential of its health innovation capacity and realize the economic and health gains of a globally competitive health innovation ecosystem.

2021 Recipients of AICE-Concepts

Health Innovation Cycle1 and the Alberta Innovates Client Journey

The AICE – Concepts Program enables projects that span the following two milestones that correspond to ideating and conceptualizing stages:

  1. Idea generation – Unmet health needs and state of the art solutions have been identified (i.e. discovering stage). Potential solutions to unmet needs are proposed, evaluated and selected.
  2. Proof of concept – Key components are validated in models and value proposition is tested.

[1] Adapted from the Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology (CIMIT) – Guidance and Impact Tracking System (GAITS) for Digital Medicine.

Priority Areas

The first stream addresses three priority areas within the field of precision health.

Personalized and precision health is a rapidly emerging field and is of global interest. Personalized and precision health aims to optimize clinical decisions and maximize health benefits by integrating several pieces of information, including human physiological studies at both individual and population levels, understanding of diseases and disease pathways, as well as mechanisms of therapeutics.

  • Disease prevention
  • Diagnostics
  • Personalized therapeutics


Applicants who participate in the program can expect the following outcomes:

  • Advance along the health innovation cycle across the four commercialization domains related to product-market fit, business readiness, regulatory compliance, and product development.
  • Enhance Alberta’s competitive position worldwide.


  • Projects must be led by an Alberta-based post-secondary institution or government health authority;
  • Must address at least one clearly defined challenge that is relevant to a precision health priority area (listed above);
  • Must address at least one health innovation domain within ideating and conceptualizing stages.
  • See program guide for full details. 


Alberta Innovates will contribute up to $600,000 CAD to support approved projects over a maximum term of 36 months.

Application Process

  1. Application registration – deadline: December 7, 2020 (4:00 PM MST). Complete the non-confidential summary tab and save a draft via online application portal.  Important: Any drafts without a completed non-confidential summary section by the registration deadline will be removed and unable to apply. *Note for new users:  If you are new to our application portal, then you will have to first create a user account (i.e., account registration) then register your application.
  2. Applicationdeadline: January 6, 2021 (4:00 PM MST). Complete the application via online application portal.

Application Resources

Additional Supports & Resources

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  • ImplementAB.digH – ImplementAB.digH supports Alberta-based healthcare delivery organizations in carrying out health technology assessments and feasibility studies of novel, commercially available digital health innovations. The Program provides a novel platform for healthcare practitioners and decision-makers to test digital health solutions and achieve health system economic value for Alberta. 
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