The table below contains investment results for five Alberta-based researchers and one Alberta-based small-medium enterprise. Total value for all six projects is ~$4.5 million with ~$3 million contributed from Alberta Innovates. Projects will run from February 2023 to January 2026.

Lead Applicant  Project Title  Contact  Award Amount 
Amin Komeili, PhD, UCalgary  A Data Driven Human Assistive Device for Knee Rehabilitation  Website  $511,000 
Edmond Lou, PhD, UAlberta  Applying Artificial Intelligence on Ultrasound and Surface Topography Images Combined with Spinal Bone Quality to Predict Progression of Scoliosis  Website  $586,000 
Larry Unsworth, PhD, UAlberta  Developing diagnostic and prognostic clinical tools for chronic kidney disease patients  Website  $599,618 
Manisha Gupta, PhD, UAlberta  Biosensor development for detection and monitoring of neurological conditions in diabetic patients  Website  $600,000 
Peter Stys, MD, UCalgary  Machine-Learning-Assisted Spectroscopic Fluorescence Urinalysis for Intelligent Diagnosis of Misfolded Protein Disorders  Website  $598,000 
 OKAKI Health Intelligence Inc. Salim Samanani, MD   GAITLY – Deep learning-based gait and balance assessment application  Website  $200,000