The table below contains investment results for five Alberta-based researchers and one Alberta-based small-medium enterprise. Total value for all six projects is ~$4.5 million with ~$3 million contributed from Alberta Innovates. Projects will run from February 2023 to January 2026.

Post Secondary Investees

Lead Applicant  Project Title  Contact 
Amin Komeili, PhD, UCalgary  A Data Driven Human Assistive Device for Knee Rehabilitation  Website 
Edmond Lou, PhD, UAlberta  Applying Artificial Intelligence on Ultrasound and Surface Topography Images Combined with Spinal Bone Quality to Predict Progression of Scoliosis  Website 
Larry Unsworth, PhD, UAlberta  Developing diagnostic and prognostic clinical tools for chronic kidney disease patients  Website 
Manisha Gupta, PhD, UAlberta  Biosensor development for detection and monitoring of neurological conditions in diabetic patients  Website 
Peter Stys, MD, UCalgary  Machine-Learning-Assisted Spectroscopic Fluorescence Urinalysis for Intelligent Diagnosis of Misfolded Protein Disorders  Website 

Small-Medium Enterprise Investees

Lead Applicant  Project Title  Contact 
 OKAKI Health Intelligence Inc. Salim Samanani, MD GAITLY – Deep learning-based gait and balance assessment application Website