Main Project Partners  Project Title  Award Date Value
XSensor Technology Corp., W21C at the University of Calgary and AHS ForeSite Intelligent Surface – Continuous Skin Monitoring January 1, 2022 $300,000
Alethea Medical (previously ENTID) Assisting Physicians to Make Correct Diagnoses Using Artificial Intelligence January 3, 2022 $178,000
Wave View Imaging Accessible point-of-care breast imaging: defining key use cases for an improved breast imaging technology
March 1, 2022
LyfeMD Inc. App to provide personalized, evidence-based, lifestyle therapies to people with digestive disease March 15, 2022 $300,000
Assistability Clinical validation of a prototype custom wheelchair cushion August 15, 2022 $299,950
Wosler Corp. Improving Access to Diagnostic Ultrasound in Rural and Remote Communities November 30, 2022 $300,000
Pavonis Diagnostics Inc. Commercializing a colorimetric, label-free immunoassay December 15, 2022 $230,000
My Viva Yaro: Your Health and Wellness Accountability Buddy January 11, 2023 $300,000
Kaleidoscope XR Caregiver VR Validation Study January 12, 2023 $300,000
Oraq AI Validation of OraQ AI’s Preventative and Diagnostic Technologies January 12, 2023 $300,000
Dr. Tuan Trang of University of Calgary and AphioTx Phase 2A Clinical Trial to Validate Use of Probenecid and Determine Safety, Tolerability and Dosage Levels for Opioid Withdrawal May 9, 2023 $300,000
PanTHERA CryoSolutions Inc. Developing ice recrystallization inhibitors for the cryopreservation of cell therapies May 16, 2023 $180,616
CardiAI Inc. Development of a rapid point of care (POC) diagnostic device for N-terminal pro–B-type natriuretic peptides (NT-proBNP) aiding with heart failure monitoring June 8, 2023 $300,000
MHCombiotic Inc. Innovative Novel Antimicrobial Wound Treatment (ComBatic) June 27, 2023 $300,000
DiveThru Inc. DiveThru Method Care Validation July 5, 2023 $300,000
Endurance Unlimited Inc. Sustained Behavioural Change in Prevention in the Nova Scotia Let’s Get Moving Initiative July 5, 2023 $102,200
Rapid Infection Diagnostics Inc. Validation of BSIDx, a rapid diagnostic platform for bloodstream infections July 11, 2023 $300,000
Critical Care Dx Ltd. Point-of-care diagnostic devices for rapid differentiation of respiratory viral infections July 12, 2023 $275,000
Fabri Sciences Inc. Wound3 – Mobile Friendly Chronic Wound Scanning & Analysis July 18, 2023 $300,000
On A Dime Transformations Ltd. Using meaningful work to improve substance use disorder (SUD) recovery outcomes November 1, 2023 $286,500
Sonance AI Inc. Artificial Intelligence in Ultrasound – Research and Deployment Platform November 1, 2023 $300,000
Innovotech Inc.  Using antimicrobial silver coatings for medical devices and wound-care products November 15, 2023 $300,000
InstaCARE Co. (MARA Group Ltd.)  Innovating for Impact: Streamlining Child Advocacy Services at the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre (CACAC)  December 1, 2023 $295,000
Kent Imaging Inc. Handheld Biofluorescence Imaging Device December 1, 2023 $300,000