Chronic Wasting Disease Research Program

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The Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Research Program supports collaborative research directly related to understanding and managing CWD, a prion disease that affects deer, elk and other cervids. The Program funds projects to find solutions to the challenges faced from CWD.

The Program will result in a better understanding of the mechanism and transmission of CWD, minimize disease risks through development of innovative approaches that contribute to the diagnosis, prevention, cure, and possible elimination of the disease,  and identify the broader societal and economic impact of CWD in Alberta. Projects could also provide information useful to all levels of government for the development of public policies regarding CWD. Proposals that embody expertise and approaches including more than one of the Program theme areas are strongly encouraged.

How the program works


Alberta Innovates is supporting five projects with a total investment of $1,247,500 over a two-year period to support projects to find solutions to the challenges resulting from CWD. Up to $250,000 for five individual projects has been awarded to successful applicants. Projects include partner funding and must be completed by December 31, 2023. See the news release.

Partner Funding

Projects must include a cash contribution from a partner funder, external to the nominated PI’s organization, of at least 25% of the total amount contributed by Alberta Innovates. In-kind contributions are welcome but are not eligible to be counted against this requirement.

Application Deadline

The application deadline was Wednesday, August 4, 2021. This program is currently closed to new applications.

Any Program-related questions should be addressed to Ron Clarkson at or 780-429-9349.

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