Lead Applicant  Project Title  Contact 
Cathy Lu, MD, UCalgary Proteomic Biomarkers and Intestinal Ultrasound; Innovative Tools to Differentiate Fibrostenotic from Inflammatory Crohn’s Disease Website
Dominic Sauvageau, PhD, UAlberta Mediation of gut microbiomes with ghost phages as alternatives to antibiotics Website
Gerald Zamponi, PhD, UCalgary A new therapeutic target for precision treatment of chronic pain Website
John Lewis, PhD, UAlberta Personalized Cancer Vaccines using the Fusogenix Genetic Medicines Platform Website
Kumaradevan Punithakumar, PhD, UAlberta Advancing Cardiac Disease Diagnosis with Robotic Multiview Echocardiography Fusion and Machine Learning Website
Marie-Claire Arrieta, PhD, UCalgary BiomeBLOOM – Digital bedside technology to detect healthy microbiome maturation in premature infants Website
Peter Salat, MD, UCalgary Opportunistic Screening of Subject-Specific Fracture Risk Website
Roger Zemp, PhD, UAlberta Next Generation Ultrafast 3D Ultrasound Array Technology for Automated Cardiovascular Screening Website
Shabir Barzanjeh PhD, UCalgary Quantum Scanner for Biomedical Diagnostics Website
Steven Greenway, MD, UCalgary Aorta-specific methylation patterns in cell-free DNA for the non-invasive diagnosis of aortopathy in humans Website
Yunyan Zhang, MD, PhD, UCalgary A novel machine learning framework for optimizing personalized treatment decisions in multiple sclerosis Website