DICE Project Funding

Applicant Project Title AI Investment Total Project Budget Sector Focus Technology Type
Innovative Numerix Inc. ESP Optimization Management Program – Leveraging Data Analytics For An Improved ESP Strategy $350,000 $958,410 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Machine Learning/ Data Insights
PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada Reduction Pathways: A Digital Twin for Optimizing Net-Zero Emissions Roadmapping for Alberta’s Energy Sector $350,000 $859,500 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Digital Twin/ Prediction
PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada Field Demonstration of Artificial Intelligence powered Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS) $350,000 $2,508,021 Environmental Innovations Artificial Intelligence/ Prediction
University of Calgary Digital Transformation and Leak Detection of Hydrogen Pipelines through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin $200,000 $470,000 Cleantech Digital Twin/ Prediction
Galatea Technologies Inc. Building and Implementing a “Data Refinery” to Enable Intelligent Scheduling $300,000 $948,059 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Data Analytics
Closure Liability Management Inc. Development of the Integrated Platform to Host Downhole Well Abandonment Risk Analysis Module and Additional Future Analytical Modules $250,000 $654,050 Environmental Innovations Data Analytics
University of Calgary Digital Technologies in Reservoir Interpretation and Production Prediction $257,000 $566,200 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Machine Learning
Validere Technologies Inc. Validere ESG HUB: ESG forecasting and enhanced emissions reductions $300,000 $700,000 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Digital Twin/ Prediction
C-FER Technologies (1999) Inc. Risk Software for Pipelines in Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide Service $65,000 $130,000 Cleantech Machine Learning/ Prediction
EnviroApps Inc. Trident 2.0 and CleanTech Portal $317,200 $643,400 Environmental Innovations Data Analytics
Madala Software Inc. Online Optimization and Surveillance of SAGD Production Wells – Pre-Commercial Scale up $182,892 $432,568 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Data Analytics
Kobold Corporation Advanced Real-Time Shift Confirmation Project $285,000 $592,000 Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Data Analytics
Nanode Battery Technologies ltd. Machine Learning-Assisted Electrolyte Optimization for Next Generation Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries $221,000 $513,207 Cleantech Machine Learning
  Total $3,428,092 $9,975,415    

Clean Resources’ Funding

Applicant Title AI Investment Sector Focus Total Project Cost
University of Calgary Modified redox flow battery membranes for a step change improvement in energy storage technology $307,000 Clean Technologies $544,060
GreyJay Energy Inc. Reduce Building Utility Costs and Emissions with Digital Transformation Software – EFFICIATE $300,144 Clean Technologies $601,864
DeNova Inc Sustainable Protein from Hydrocarbons $3,500,000 Clean Technologies $18,000,000
EZOPS Inc. Augmented Intelligence Lowering CO2 $1,060,000 Digital Clean Energy $2,270,000
NTWIST Inc Artificial Intelligence Assisted Computer Vision Application in Oil & Gas Mining Industry $375,284 Digital Clean Energy $536,120
Archer BD Inc. IBEX – Step-change pad-based steam and solvent bitumen surface technology improves environmental and economic sustainability $595,000 Environmental Technologies $835,357
Carbovate Development Corp Engineering & Development of a New “Asphalt from Alberta Bitumen” Process $400,000 Partial Upgrading $966,930
Solideum Solideum 1000 bbl/d Field Pilot $1,190,000 Partial Upgrading $4,900,000
PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada CanERIC funding $1,500,000 Recovery Technology $27,292,000
  Total $9,227,428   $55,946,331