Project Summary

Today, without rapid E.coli test results, wastewater treatment plants almost always over-disinfect their wastewater to stay far below their regulatory compliance limit. VeloCens paints a picture of drinking water, wastewater and raw water sanitary conditions in a given jurisdiction in real-time, enabling data-based decision making. This project is designed to deploy VeloCens in two wastewater treatment plants in Alberta with one main goal: optimizing the disinfection process using rapid E.coli tests. The main outcome for this project is to quantify the cost saving and environmental impact reductions when rapid E.coli results by VeloCens are used to optimize disinfection processes.

VeloCens has broad applicability for real-time monitoring of E.coli and Total Coliforms. VeloCens is well suited to support optimizing processes and operations at water treatment plants. Future applications include monitoring water quality in food & beverage facilities, agriculture and recreational waters.