Water Innovation

Our Water Innovation Program builds on a history of world-class research and innovation. It helps create and apply relevant, reliable knowledge that will lead to a high-performing, responsive water system for the province of Alberta.   

This strategic initiative is designed around four themes. Please go to our program page for eligibility details and how to apply for funding. 


Making Waves

We’re proud to present Making Waves magazine, an annual Alberta Innovates publication highlighting water solutions we support. Our inaugural issue, released in Fall 2022, profiles work being done to advance water solutions in the province, addressing water supply management, safe water reuse, improved monitoring and testing, and the impacts of a changing environment.  

The magazine illustrates progress under our Water Innovation Program towards its core purpose, developing the knowledge and technologies needed to meet the goals of Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy:

  • safe, secure drinking water,
  • healthy aquatic ecosystems, and
  • reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy.

Explore the Spring 2024 and Fall 2022 issues of Making Waves. 

Land and Biodiversity 

The Land and Biodiversity Program works collaboratively with partners in government, academia, industry, and others in the private sector to find innovative solutions that will help minimize or resolve impacts to land and biodiversity from land-use activities. 

Find out more about this program and how to apply for funding on the program page. 


Brett Purdy, PhD

Executive Director, Environmental Innovation

Environmental Innovation Team

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