March 30, 2021

Developing a strong brand identity is a critical component of growing your business to the next level. What kind of personality does your company have? How do you make your customers feel? How are you different from your competitors? The answer to these questions can be the key to generating new customers while earning trust and recognition from the market as a whole.

In this Keynote, Max Valiquette draws on his over two decades of experience working with the biggest global companies to deliver an engaging and insightful presentation on brands and branding. He dives into why brands matter, how to build a successful brand promise, how to deliver a great brand at all the right touchpoints, and how to rally and unite an entire organization around its brand.

Drawing on real customer insights, Valiquette shows what branding, rebranding, growth, and meaningful engagement really looks like in an increasingly fractured world.

About the Speaker
For over twenty years, Max Valiquette has been at the forefront of what’s now, what’s new, and what’s next. Anointed by Marketing Magazine as one of Canada’s “most influential Marketers,” Max has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world to help them transform their organizations, their businesses, and their brands. He is an award-winning marketer and market researcher; an author; a broadcaster; and a journalist who relishes engaging with audiences. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called him a “don’t miss” speaker.

Max’s entrepreneurial drive led him to found Youthography, the ground-breaking Millennial Marketing company. He is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Diamond Integrated Marketing.

Over the course of his career, Max has worked on brands including Nike, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and everything in between. He won multiple awards for the ground-breaking anti-smoking campaign and acts as an advisor for various charitable organizations and tech space start-ups. Max also sat on the Board of the Canada Media Fund, Canada’s largest single cultural endowment, for three years helping to transition it towards a more digital future.

When he’s not on stage, Max is on Entertainment Tonight or MTV talking about popular culture; speaking to the Wall Street Journal or NPR about organizational transformation or innovation, or writing about marketing and branding for Strategy and hosting their Agency of the Year awards.

Originally aired March 30, 2021

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