Our story

Alberta Innovates – the province’s innovation engine

Alberta Innovates is the province’s largest research and innovation agency. From funding to commercialization, we are Alberta’s innovation engine.

We are working to solve today’s challenges, create new opportunities and forge a healthy, sustainable and prosperous future for Albertans today and for generations to come.

We are where innovation happens, and we touch every corner of the province for the benefit of all Albertans.

2021 by the numbers

The graphics below illustrate the impact of our programming for 2021:

Our impact on Alberta 

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What we do

From idea to marketplace

We support the entire innovation spectrum – from the generation of new ideas through applied testing to commercialization or end-use.

We provide funding programs, advice, connections, technical expertise and applied research services to stimulate and grow research and innovation across Alberta.

A map of the client journey from ideation to launch

How we do it

Bringing people and resources together to help innovators across Alberta.

Funding & grants

We continue to drive job creation and attract investment to the province through our targeted funding programs and collaborations with industry, government and academia.

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Research & initiatives

Our broad scope gives us the perspective to solve some of industry’s biggest challenges, while stimulating the start-up community to build new technology, drive new ideas, and support the development and growth of small and medium enterprises.

Our work spans the full spectrum of sectors and industries – from healthcare providers to the health industry to patients; forestry to food production; artificial intelligence to academic research; and clean energy to bitumen beyond combustion.

Through our world-class researchers, leading-edge facilities and strategic investments, we pave the path of innovation that will feed, grow, fuel and build Alberta’s economy.


Alberta’s technology and knowledge-based entrepreneurial ecosystem is supported through our investment in Regional Innovation Networks. Through this investment, we provide SMEs and entrepreneurs with technology commercialization advice, mentorship and access to program support and equipment.

The Regional Innovation Networks work closely with our Technology Development Advisors, local incubators, accelerators and community partners to help tech and knowledge-based businesses innovate and grow, diversifying the economy and helping build a strong entrepreneurial culture in Alberta.

Bridging research and industry needs

Our subsidiaries provide a critical bridge in the R&I system that links basic research with industry needs. They test, de-risk and translate innovation to increase the odds for successful and accelerated commercialization and market adoption for their clients, including national and international industry partners.

InnoTech Alberta and C-FER worked with nearly 620 clients in 2018-19

Networking & mentorship

Whether it’s through our flagship event Inventures or the many events we regularly host and sponsor, we build and foster networks, partnerships and collaborations – locally, nationally and internationally.

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Why we do it

The intersection between the present and the future

Innovation has never played a more significant role in the future for Alberta. Our ability to develop existing industries while introducing new opportunities for growth is critical for our future prosperity.

Alberta Innovates has a direct line of sight to improving the lives of Albertans today and for generations to come. We span the breadth of the province, seeking new ways to drive economic growth, health and well-being and a thriving environment.

We are uniquely positioned to identify and nurture the research and innovation taking place in our province to:

  • Keep Alberta relevant and competitive in the global marketplace
  • Contribute to a sustainable and diversified economy
  • Prepare us for a low-carbon future
  • Keep us healthy through the advancement of medical knowledge, treatment and best clinical practice

Our five corporate goals


Making the lives of Albertans better today and for generations to come by contributing to a diversified economy, cleaner and sustainable environment, and healthier communities.


Cultivate a world-class research and innovation system that meets the needs of Alberta.


Drive the generation of discoveries and developments that positively impact Alberta and its industries by leveraging partnerships, collaborations and emerging technology platforms.


Accelerate and broaden the use of innovative products, technologies and processes.


Be recognized globally as a leading innovation engine.

Our focus areas

We have five areas that we’re currently focusing on for the 2020–23 business planning cycle:

Digital Health

Advance digital health technologies to accelerate improvements in the quality and long-term sustainability of our health system and the health of Albertans.

Innovative Hydrocarbon Products

Invest in R&I that transforms bitumen into non-combustion, value-added materials such as carbon fibre, activated carbon and asphalt.

Smart Agriculture

Lead smart agriculture R&I and address food security challenges through adoption of technology for significant impact in Alberta and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

Build on our past successes in creating world-recognized artificial intelligence capacity in Alberta by supporting further development and application of artificial intelligence across sectors.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Continue to support a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Alberta through the programs, networks and connections we provide to entrepreneurs and start-ups to commercialize their innovations and scale their

As we refocus the organization to concentrate on the above five areas, we will remain flexible in our other, ongoing programming and adapt as needed.

Our subsidiaries, C-FER Technologies (1999) and InnoTech Alberta Inc., will continue to provide world-class expertise, testing and applied research services for a variety of industrial and public-sector clients.