Clean Resources

Supporting Alberta Energy & Resources

We develop and invest in applied research and innovation programs to sustain, grow and diversify the energy and resource industries, develop clean technology, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect Alberta’s environment. 

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The BioEnergy program supports the development of a bioenergy industry that contributes to Alberta’s supply of renewable energy through the production of biofuels and novel value-added products. The program invests in projects that develop and/or deploy waste or biomass conversion technologies.

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Carbon Capture & Utilization

This program focuses on carbon capture and utilization innovation to convert carbon dioxide into useful products with significant commercial value and market demand through cost-competitive and environmentally sound technology solutions.

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Climate Change Innovation & Technology Framework

The CCITF Program funds applied research, development and commercialization projects and networks that lead to greenhouse gas emissions reductions, economic growth, and other environmental and social benefits.

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Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production

This program supports projects that will contribute to Alberta’s hydrocarbon resource value while securing long-term future for Alberta’s oil sand resources in a new economy.

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Innovative Hydrocarbon Products

This program focuses on three sub-programs designed to diversify Alberta’s economy and add value to hydrocarbon resources that will enable Alberta to achieve prosperity in a low carbon, global economy.

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Land & Biodiversity

The goal of this program is to ensure that natural resource development operations and practices are sustainable.

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Renewable & Alternative Energy

The Renewable and Alternative Energy Program supports invests in renewable and low-carbon electricity while maintaining a reliable and affordable grid system.

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Water Innovation

Our Water Innovation Program’s priority is to make certain Alberta has the quality and quantity of water, when and where it is needed.

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Trash is biofuel treasure; Enerkem uses Alberta as a launching pad for expansion

Enerkem’s Edmonton facility is a huge step forward — the first commercial facility in the world to turn municipal trash into biofuel. That’s attracted a lot of interest, both in Canada and beyond.

Carbon fibre could transform Alberta’s oil industry

Alberta’s oil sands could contain the province’s greatest untapped resource. That might be surprising, given that the province currently produces...

New future for Alberta bitumen in advanced materials

Alberta Innovates is launching a major new clean technology initiative called the Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge, a $15-million international competition to accelerate development of carbon fibre from bitumen in Alberta.