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The innovation journey is rarely a linear, sequential process. We assist high-growth, high-potential SMEs to reduce the time it takes to commercialize new technology and knowledge-based products, and to scale their business. 

Finding the right fit

We manage a number of high-demand technology entrepreneurial investment programs with a growing number of subscribers. Through these highly-competitive programs we look to invest in high-potential, high-growth companies that will provide economic and social benefits for Alberta.

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Coaching, Community, and Capital!

Alberta Innovation Vouchers

Vouchers are for Alberta’s small- and medium-sized enterprises in the technology and knowledge-based sector with technologies in the mid-to-late developmental stages. It could include some early developmental stages.

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Alberta Innovation Micro Vouchers

Micro vouchers are aimed to help Alberta’s small- and medium-sized enterprises in the technology and knowledge-based sector hire a service or product provider to advance their technology closer to commercialization.

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Export Readiness Micro Vouchers

This program is intended to help Alberta Small and Medium-sized Enterprises align their international plans with global opportunities and to evaluate the risks and benefits of exporting prior to entering new global markets.

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Commercialization Associates

The Commercialization Associates Program has been designed to support innovation and creative problem-solving for Alberta small- and medium-sized enterprises. The goal is to advance business readiness levels and accelerate product commercialization.

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r&D Associates

The r&D Associates Program has been designed to support innovation and creative problem-solving for Alberta small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The goal is to advance technology readiness levels and accelerate product commercialization.

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Product Demonstration Program

The Product Demonstration Program is a focused, business-to-business partnership, allowing the applicant to access funding and key alliance resources, which can help accelerate their product to commercialization.

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Alberta Small Business Innovation and Research Initiative 

The Alberta Small Business Innovation and Research Initiative is a program that gives small businesses funding opportunities to solve major industry challenges.

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Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships facilitates programs designed to support SMEs from Alberta and partnering jurisdictions in Mexico and China.

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Regional Innovation Networks

Regional Innovation Networks are entrepreneur-centric, community-based networks with the goal of providing programs and services to accelerate growth of technology and knowledge-based businesses in those jurisdictions.

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Technology Development Advisors

Our Technology Development Advisors provide front-line business coaching and technology development advice to small & medium size enterprises in technology or knowledge-based industries to accelerate clients through their client journey.

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Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator program

This program is fully subscribed and is no longer accepting applications. Documents, however, are available on this page for current awardees.

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photo of Raj Padwal and Peter Wood of mmHg Inc

Telemedicine promises better care, more time for doctors and blood pressure patients

mmHg Inc. is providing a free platform for physicians and caregivers to keep an eye on patients suspected of having COVID-19, allowing them to track things like respiration rate, oxygen saturation and fever. "We want to be able to support Canadians at their greatest time of need," said Peter Wood, mmHg Inc.’s COO.

Helping companies grow and succeed

This is the first in a series of articles showcasing how our Executive Business Advisor program and other Alberta Innovates services are helping different Alberta companies in their journey.

Photo of G2V Optics perihelion lighting product

G2V Optics: creating data science solutions

The genesis of G2V Optics grew out of Taschuk’s work as a research associate at the University of Alberta with Dr. Michael Brett in around 2003. At the time, Brett was funded by the precursor to Alberta Innovates as the Industrial Research Chair in Thin Film Engineering. The goal was to investigate the fabrication and characterization of nanoscale materials, in part for application to solar cells.

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