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Investing in Alberta Business

The innovation journey is rarely a linear, sequential process. We assist high-growth, high-potential SMEs to reduce the time it takes to commercialize new technology and knowledge-based products, and to scale their business. 

Finding the right fit

We manage a number of high-demand technology entrepreneurial investment programs with a growing number of subscribers. Through these highly-competitive programs we look to invest in high-potential, high-growth companies that will provide economic and social benefits for Alberta.

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Coaching, Community, and Capital!

Alberta Innovation Vouchers

Vouchers are for Alberta’s small- and medium-sized enterprises in the technology and knowledge-based sector with technologies in the mid-to-late developmental stages. It could include some early developmental stages.

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Alberta Innovation Micro-Vouchers

Micro-vouchers are aimed to help Alberta’s small- and medium-sized enterprises in the technology and knowledge-based sector hire a service or product provider to advance their technology closer to commercialization.

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Export Readiness Micro-Vouchers

This program is intended to help Alberta Small and Medium-sized Enterprises align their international plans with global opportunities and to evaluate the risks and benefits of exporting prior to entering new global markets.

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Commercialization Associates

The Commercialization Associates Program has been designed to support innovation and creative problem-solving for Alberta small- and medium-sized enterprises. The goal is to advance business readiness levels and accelerate product commercialization.

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r&D Associates

The r&D Associates Program has been designed to support innovation and creative problem-solving for Alberta small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The goal is to advance technology readiness levels and accelerate product commercialization.

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Product Demonstration Program

The Product Demonstration Program is a focused, business-to-business partnership, allowing the applicant to access funding and key alliance resources, which can help accelerate their product to commercialization.

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Alberta Small Business Innovation Initiative 

The Alberta Small Business Innovation and Research Initiative is a program that gives small businesses funding opportunities to solve major industry challenges.

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Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships facilitates programs designed to support SMEs from Alberta and partnering jurisdictions in Mexico and China.

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Regional Innovation Networks

Regional Innovation Networks are entrepreneur-centric, community-based networks with the goal of providing programs and services to accelerate growth of technology and knowledge-based businesses in those jurisdictions.

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Technology Development Advisors

Our Technology Development Advisors provide front-line business coaching and technology development advice to small & medium size enterprises in technology or knowledge-based industries to accelerate clients through their client journey.

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Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator program

This program is fully subscribed and is no longer accepting applications. Documents, however, are available on this page for current awardees.

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James Keirstead of Levven Electronics outside their office

Flipping the switch

An Edmonton start-up hopes to revolutionize home automation with novel technology that drastically reduces both cost and installation time.

Alberta entrepreneur: Amphibious excavators as the ultimate all-terrain vehicles

The road less excavated

Great Excavations was launched by CEO John Skierka after a pivotal conversation with a family friend who wondered aloud why no one had solved the problem of birds nesting in tailing ponds in the North.

Calgary startup aims to unlock brain medicine with next-generation microsensors

Neuraura’s sensors are comprised of tiny, three-dimensional electrodes. At one-fifth the width of a human hair, the wireless devices can be inserted into the brain with minimal impact.

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