Post-Secondary Investments

Strategic Research Projects


The Alberta Innovates Strategic Research Projects (SRP) Program supports priority-driven research and innovation at eligible Campus Alberta post-secondary institutions.

By funding research projects aligned to Alberta’s strategic priority areas, the Program contributes to the Alberta Research and Innovation Framework (ARIF) desired outcomes for Alberta: a strong economy, environmental stewardship, effective resource management, and health and wellness for Albertans.

Program details

This program is currently closed to new applications.

Announcing our recent Strategic Research Projects funding decisions.

The SRP program provides grant funding to researchers at eligible Campus Alberta post-secondary institutions for research projects that advance emerging technologies, employ and retain Highly-Qualified Personnel in Alberta, establish new industry and academic collaborations, and generate other benefits for Alberta. Projects must address strategic priority areas identified in an active Call for Proposals issued in the SRP Program (see below for active Calls).

Funded Projects can range from early-stage research to technology solutions with market potential. Funds awarded can be used for a broad range of costs including to attract and develop Highly Qualified Personnel including graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research associates and technicians, operational costs and/or equipment.

Researchers interested in applying to an active Call for Proposals in the Program should thoroughly review the Call document, as well as the Alberta Innovates Strategic Research Projects (SRP) Program Guide, which details the program and the requirements all SRP Proposals must meet.

Call for proposals

Call summary

Call for research projects which develop capacity in Emerging Technologies Priority Areas or which additionally contribute to meeting Alberta Research and Innovation Framework (ARIF) 2030 Innovation Targets. This includes projects which use Emerging Technologies to address industry/ end-user challenges. Priority Areas are described in the Call for Proposals.

  • Call Launch: October 4, 2018
  • Proposal Submission Deadline: November 13, 2018 at 4:00 pm MST
  • Funding Decision notification: February 2019

Proposal Limits

  • Maximum funding request: $750,000 (Maximum $250,000/year for three years)
  • Maximum project duration:  3 years
  • Lesser funding requests and shorter project durations welcomed.

Application Procedure

Researchers planning to submit a proposal should consult with their Dean of Faculty or the Office of the Vice President (Research) before preparing their application. Proposals without institutional support will not be considered.

The following documents must be submitted with a proposal:

  • Proposal form, complete with all required signatures
  • Proposal budget spreadsheet form
  • Written proposal describing the research project
  • Common C.V.

Program contact information

Name: Adam Brown
Title:  Business Partner, Strategic Research & Networking
Phone: 780.450.5560