EDMONTON, ALBERTA, May 17, 2022 – Alberta Innovates is investing over $4.5 million in eight early-stage health research projects focusing on personalized (i.e., precision) health and wellness. The Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) Concepts program aims to enable health innovators to apply digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and mobile apps to solve urgent health challenges related to disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment as well as advance their commercialization journey. Digital health-based approaches offer to shorten the time to impact on an individuals’ health, empower citizens, and reduce healthcare expenditures.

These eight projects will add to eleven previously awarded projects totalling more than $10 million dollars invested in the AICE Concepts program. Project examples include rapid and remote heart ultrasounds, automated methods for stroke prevention, easier and more accurate bladder cancer diagnosis, a virtual wellness platform for pregnant women, a 3D approach to diagnosing periodontal (gum) disease and more.

“The world is witnessing increasing benefits that digital solutions offer to empower citizens and improve health outcomes. Alberta is taking bold steps with strategic digital health investments to ensure we are globally competitive in securing health and economic benefits for our province.”

Sunil Rajput, PhD, Director of Research, Health Innovation

Visit the AICE program on the Alberta Innovates website to learn more.

Results from the 2022 competition:

Lead Applicant AICE Stream Project Title Contact Award Amount
Aravind Ganesh,
MD, UCalgary
AICE-Concepts Automated Remote Image-guided Diagnosis and Risk Stratification of Carotid Disease for Stroke prevention



Website $600,000
Jacob Jaremko,
MD, PhD, UAlberta
AICE-Concepts Basic echo: point-of-care ultrasound assessment of cardiac function using artificial intelligence



Website $591,000
John Lewis, PhD, UAlberta AICE-Concepts An Integrated Extracellular Vesicle Biomarker and Machine Learning Approach to Diagnosing Bladder Cancer



Website $600,000
Joon Lee,
PhD, UCalgary
AICE-Concepts Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and the APPROACH Registry to Transform Coronary Artery Disease Patient Care



Website $600,000
Kara Nerenberg, MD, UCalgary AICE-Concepts IMPROVE-Virtual HEALTH (Healthy Eating and Active Living through Technology @ Home) For MOMS



Website $572,185
Lawrence Le, PhD, UAlberta AICE-Concepts Intraoral Ultrasound Fusion of Dento-Periodontal Complex for Diagnosis of Periodontal Diseases and Personalized Treatment



Website $600,000
Puneeta Tandon,
MD, UAlberta
AICE-Concepts The creation of a home-based digital solution to diagnose functional decline and inform tailored lifestyle prescriptions for patients with catabolism-prone chronic diseases



Website $598,394
Richard Fahlman,
PhD, UAlberta
AICE-Concepts Rapid Testing for Myasthenia Gravis



Website $340,85


Sunil Rajput, PhD

Director, Research - Health Innovation