by Mary McIntyre | Dec 18, 2018 


Dec 18, 2018

We are pleased to announce the results of the October 2018 Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship competition.

We received a total of 36 submissions in the October 2018 competition, which resulted in the approval of 10 Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship awards. Please see the list of successful applicants below.

We thank all applicants for their substantial efforts and congratulate the recipients of these awards. We also would like to acknowledge the tremendous assistance provided by our review committee members.

October 2018 Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship results:

October 2018 Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship Results

InstitutionProject Title
Ahmed, SadiaSantana, Maria
Community Health Sciences
University of CalgaryLiving with Colorectal Cancer: Patient and Caregiver Experiences of Advanced Cancer Care
Allemang, BrookeDimitropoulos, GinaUniversity of CalgaryExperiences of Young Adults with Comorbid Health and Mental Health Issues Transferring to Adult-Oriented Services
Beveridge, JaimieNoel, Melani
University of CalgaryExamining the Cumulative Risk of Maternal Chronic Pain and Trauma on Adolescent Chronic Pain
Flynn, MichelleCampbell, Tavis
University of CalgaryInvestigating Intranasal Oxytocin as a Treatment for Women's Chronic Pelvic Pain
Keehn, AlyshaQuan, May Lynn
Community Health Sciences
University of CalgaryDefining research priorities for young women with breast cancer: a priority setting pathway
Modderman, SarynLashewicz, Bonnie
Community Health Sciences
University of CalgaryEmbrace the Spectrums:  Understanding and expanding beneficial clinician responses to gender diverse autistic patients
Moran, ChelseaCampbell, Tavis
University of CalgaryMotivational interviewing for cardiovascular disease prevention: A randomized controlled trial to improve statin medication adherence
Orsso, Camila EstefaniHaqq, Andrea
Agricultural Food & Nutritional Science
University of AlbertaA model of metabolic load-capacity in pediatric obesity: implications for metabolic health and interactions with gut microbiota
Roy, LillaJohnson, JeffreyUniversity of AlbertaAligning values and preference with health economic decisions and policy - Investigating health outcomes in minority and Indigenous populations of Canada
Ryan, JacalynThompson-Hodgetts, SandraUniversity of AlbertaNothing about us without us: Towards increased self-determination for adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder

Please note: we provide the list of successful applicants for information purposes only. The formal letters will serve as the official decision should there be any discrepancy with the material on the website. Awards are subject to the agreement of the Award Terms and Conditions.