The Alberta Clinical Research Consortium is looking to expand the membership of two of its working groups.

Clinical Health Research in the Community Working Group

We are looking for physicians and clinical health research support staff who are champions and/or subject matter experts in conducting clinical health research within the community setting in Alberta. The main objective is to build the capacity of community-based physicians and clinical health research staff within the province to:

  • create opportunities for community physicians and staff to network;
  • co-develop tools and templates to assist in building a clinical health research program in the community setting;
  • provide guidance and best practice for clinical health research in the community through a community of practice group; and
  • create opportunities for partnerships between research teams and funders, sponsors and investors.

eSolutions (paperless management) Working Group

As the health care industry advances into the digital era with the use of electronic health records, a matching trend has emerged in the clinical health research community - the paperless study management. We are seeking clinical health researchers and support staff with expertise and experience in this domain to join the Paperless Management Working Group. The primary purpose is to help researchers navigate the rapidly changing, paperless study management environment to:

  • Develop tools and templates along with regulatory guidance and educational materials on components of the paperless study management process.
  • Focus will be on e-informed consent, computer system validation, digital data management, and e-regulatory binder.

If you are interested in joining one of the working groups, please email your expression of interest by Friday, March 15 to, Program Manager.

I am not able to join a working group. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can! We always interested in speaking with individuals who are willing to share their personal experiences conducting clinical health research in Alberta. Our interest is to understand the enablers or barriers that researchers encounter while initiating, conducting or closing out a study (whether investigator initiated, or industry driven). We welcome suggestions on how concerns can be dealt with, and how the Alberta Clinical Research Consortium can help to shape and improve the clinical health research landscape in the province.

Contact us

Please visit our web page for more information on the working groups. If you are willing to share an account of your clinical health research experiences in Alberta, or would like further information on the working groups contact directly (phone: 780-429-6890). We look forward to hearing from you!


The Alberta Clinical Research Consortium is an initiative managed by Alberta Innovates with the vision to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical research in order to provide Albertans with access to the best and most innovative health care. We work collaboratively with our partners and together have co-developed several useful tools and resources, such as the Alberta Clinical Research Roadmap, to assist researchers and their teams in conducting clinical health research in the province.