Streamlining clinical health research in Alberta

The Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC) is improving the efficiency of clinical health research in the province. We do this to:

  • provide Albertans with access to the best and most innovative health care possible;
  • attract both researchers and investment to the province for the ultimate benefit of all Albertans.

The ACRC is a collaborative effort which works with a number of partner organizations. As a proud partner, Alberta Innovates is pleased to host information about the ACRC on this website. Alberta Innovates also provides project management and administrative support.

Five principles form the foundation for the development of all of our projects. Learn more.


ACRC Strategic Priorities

Our strategic plan outlines priorities relevant to our stakeholders’ vision and presents action plans, key steps, and proposed projects to achieve desired goals. The Phase II Strategic Priorities align with our goal of increasing high quality, integrated, efficient clinical research in Alberta. Learn more.

Provincial Training Recommendations

High quality research stems from training and a knowledgeable research team. We’ve developed the following table to guide individuals on the training courses that are recommended and applicable to their work. Learn more.

Clinical Research Roadmap

The provincial clinical research roadmap provides interactive step-by-step instructions on how to navigate a clinical health research study. Read more.

Current Collaborations

Like every successful consortium, our value is in harnessing the knowledge, skills and expertise of its members. This means the ACRC incorporates best practices and the applicable regulatory guidelines thereby ensuring quality by design in all of its activities and outcomes. Learn more.

ACRC news

Clinical Research Source is an educative bi-monthly release that keeps the clinical health research community updated about changes to relevant regulations, guidelines, processes, and practices. Read past issues and subscribe.

Alberta CHR Digest is a bi-monthly showcase of new breakthroughs, opportunities, and events within Alberta’s clinical health research community. Read past issues and subscribe


Our partners recognize the ACRC Alberta definition of clinical health research., as follows: Clinical health research has the goal of improving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment (including rehabilitation and palliation) of disease and injury, and improving and evaluating the health and quality of life of individuals. Clinical research is conducted on, or for the treatment of human subjects. Clinical research includes living human subjects, human tissues, human remains, cadavers, biological fluids, embryos, fetuses and patient information. Excluded from this definition are in vitro studies that utilize human tissues that cannot be linked to a living individual. This includes clinical trials on patients, epidemiological and behavioral studies, outcomes research, health services research and population health studies, typically falling under the CIHR rubric of pillars 2, 3 & 4.

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