Edmonton, Alberta, September 27, 2022 - The Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC) is releasing its Phase III Strategic Plan. The new strategic plan highlights the future of clinical health research in Alberta, with goals focused on five priority areas. These strategic priorities will bring benefits to the health and socio-economic well-being of Albertans, attract investments, and support the diversification of our economy.

The strategic plan is a result of comprehensive planning and consultative processes with academic and community-based researchers from across the province. The extensive feedback helped structure a revised mission and vision for clinical health research in Alberta. The ACRC harnesses the knowledge, skills and expertise of its members, comprised of representatives from partner organizations and subject matter experts.


"The strategic direction and goals identified by the Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC) will pave the way for the health research ecosystem. It will lay out a sounds path through collaboration. At Covenant, we applaud the ACRC for its engaging consultative approach. We are looking forward to integrating health research into care and taking part in moving our Province and its research agenda into a sustainable future."

Conny Avila, Chief Innovation Officer, Covenant Health

"Albertans are fortunate to have a provincial organization focused on building a health research workforce that can benefit from integrated data and digital technology designed to facilitate the conduct of clinical research across the province.  Importantly, the ultimate goal of the ACRC is to see research initiatives become integrated into clinical care to improve the lives of Albertans."

Dr. Stephen Freedman, Associate Dean, Clinical Trials, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary

"Alberta Innovates is ensuring that Albertans receive the very best care when they encourage researchers and clinicians to work together more effectively. The Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC) has created a strategic plan that will make it easier to integrate innovative practices into our healthcare system. Covenant Health supports this effort through its office of innovation, institutes and centres of excellence."

Dr. Konrad Fassbender, Scientific Director, Covenant Health Palliative Institute

"The ACRC Phase III strategic plan helps bolster Alberta's reputation as a champion for change in Alberta, allowing researchers and companies to continue tapping into the diverse clinical health research capacity and assets in the province. Alberta Innovates is proud to continue to manage this new future-focused strategy working with the ACRC partner organizations to enhance the health outcomes of Albertans."

Tammy Mah-Fraser, DrPH, Executive Director, Platforms, Alberta Innovates

Alberta has a dynamic clinical health research environment - a diverse and engaged population of over 4 million, 2 top-tier medical research universities, clinical trials in all phases and disease areas, and a thriving commercialization pipeline. In further strengthening Alberta's Advantage, this new strategic plan provides a pragmatic framework with collaborative opportunities for all stakeholders. It builds on existing provincial strengths and ACRC's impact over the last 10 years, particularly, the advancement of integrated systems and operational excellence.

The plan prepares and positions Alberta for improved health outcomes, research competitiveness, and commercialization opportunities while further expanding on Alberta's capabilities:

  • digital health-enabled trial methodologies
  • a highly skilled clinical trial workforce with an emerging regulatory knowledge base
  • integrating clinical research into practice
  • commercializing digital health solutions

Phase III of ACRC's Strategic Plan re-shapes clinical health research with digital and virtual tools to improve access - such that geographical constraints or recruitment staff working hours are no longer barriers to participation. Electronic medical records systems and the availability of data drives new clinical trial methodologies and potential for remote participation. The regulations around clinical care and research are undergoing modernization.

How can a Group or Organization Participate in the Plan?

The ACRC is looking forward to full engagement across the province. An important first step will be disseminating the plan to all current and prospective stakeholders. Information is available online and the clinical health research community will be receiving additional information in the coming weeks. Ryan Mercer who is the Director, Clinical Research Innovation will also be having information sessions on the implementation of the plan and how individuals and organizations can participate in the plan.