In partnership with Alberta Health Services, we are pleased to announce the results of the Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System (PRIHS) 2018/2019 Stage 2 Feasibility and Relevance Review competition.

June 2018 PRIHS Stage 2 - Results
Principal ApplicantProject TitleAffiliation
Chubbs, KatherineAHS South Zone Indigenous Patient Navigation Model: A Novel ApproachAlberta Health Services
Forhan, MaryAdequately addressing bariatric care needs in home care and supported livingUniversity of Alberta
Grinman, MichelleThe Complex Care Hub: Caring for seniors and patients with medical complexity beyond the hospital wallsUniversity of Calgary
Hair, HeatherImproving Acute Care for Long-Term Care Residents: A Better Way to Care for the Frail Elderly in Times of Medical UrgencyAlberta Health Services
 McBrien, KerryENCOMPASS: ENhancing COMmunity health through Patient navigation  Advocacy and Social SupportUniversity of Calgary
Mosher, DianneBuilding Communities of Practice for Children and Adults with Arthritis - Project Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) for Arthritis in AlbertaAlberta Health Services
Newton, AmandaImplementing Innovative Models of Acute Pediatric Mental Health and Addiction CareUniversity of Alberta
Rittenbach, KayVirtual Supervised Consumption: Using an evidence-based approach to impact more of Alberta's CommunitiesAlberta Health Services
Tandon, Puneeta Alberta Cirrhosis Care Team (ACCT)Alberta Health Services

This list of the above successful applicants is provided for information only. The formal letters will serve as AI's official decision should there be any discrepancy with the material on the website.

We will provide official letters, including feedback from the review process to all applicants. We will also provide those invited to apply to Stage 3 with the application and instructions about the process electronically.

Competition details and important dates

The competition takes place in three stages:

  1. April 27, 2018: EOI submissions. 100 EOIs received and reviewed. 20 selected to move forward.
  2. June 18: stage 2 submissions. A den-style review took place on June 26 and 27. 20 submissions received and reviewed. 9 selected to move forward.
  3. Stage 3: applications are due September 28, 2018.


The theme of the 2018/19 PRIHS competition is the implementation of high quality, evidence informed solutions to "Enhancing Care in the Community" to address performance gaps in the healthcare system that prevent optimal patient care, resource use, delivery, and access to affordable and sustainable health services.

PRIHS is a partnered funding opportunity between Alberta Innovates and Alberta Health Services. It is focused on supporting health research and innovation projects that will adopt and implement evidence to maintain or improve quality of patient care and services while substantially reducing costs in the health care system.

For more information, contact:

Sandra Stabel, Program Manager