KnoGeo, a Calgary-based start-up, is making inroads with its 3D visualization software into one of the world's most densely packed real estate markets.

The software allows clients to gain a better understanding of locations like high-rise apartment complexes without having to visit in person. The software provides an interactive and dynamic 3D view that will immerse consumers in a real-life exploration and visualization of real estate listings.

"We use 3D and Virtual Reality concepts to help clients explore the area and physical context around a building, see precisely where a unit is in a building, and get a better understanding of everything the neighbourhood has to offer - in a realistic way that mimics a site visit or fly over," says Jesse Brown, KnoGeo CEO.

The results have been promising as the company recently partnered with the Real Estate Board of New York in one of the most vertically dense urban areas in the world, where the value of the technology is most impactful.

"We want to make a mark as a successful technology company that changes the real estate industry, especially in markets such as New York," says Brown.  "It will show the potential of Alberta start-ups to make considerable impact, motivating both future entrepreneurs and demonstrating the ability of Alberta in the technology space, signalling our capabilities beyond oil and gas."

KnoGeo worked closely with Alberta Innovates Technology Development Advisor John Stroh, who coached the team along its path to commercialization. It also received support through Alberta Innovates' Micro-Voucher, Voucher, and Commercialization Associate programs.

"The support allowed us to get the outside engineering help we needed to complete version one and begin working and selling to customers, says Brown. "The continuing investment in our Commercialization Associate has fast-tracked our selling efforts and enabled us to invest more in development and building innovative technologies.