The future of health is digital

Health care organizations big and small are challenged to adapt to the technological requirements of operating during a pandemic. Providers are also challenged with a growing and aging population, higher prevalence of chronic diseases, higher demand for multidisciplinary care and a complex and expensive process required to implement solutions.

The advent of digital and data-enabled technologies promises to create products that deliver more effective and patient-centered care. Harnessing the power of digital will unlock the full potential of Alberta's health innovation capacity.

We recently launched ImplementAB.digH, a program aimed at supporting the adoption of digital health technologies in health delivery organizations. Applicants can be any organizations situated in Alberta providing a health service including government agencies, not for profits and private corporations.

ImplementAB.digH Program Highlights

Projects are driven by healthcare delivery organizations interested in implementing digital health solutions with the potential for enhancing acceptability, accessibility, appropriateness, effectiveness and safety of care delivery
The innovation must be market ready and regulatory approved where applicable
Projects funded through ImplementAB.digH have a strong emphasis on plans for post-project sustainability

Alberta Innovates invests in digital health technology to improve the lives of Albertans. We look forward to hearing your great ideas.

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