Clinical Health Research Trends

In the wake of the global pandemic, healthcare systems are seeking better ways to manage resources and improve clinical outcomes. Tracking and forecasting clinical health research trends is critical for ensuring decision-makers have the information they need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Alberta Innovates is looking ahead to explore future trends in clinical health research through the Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC), an Alberta Innovates-led initiative with the vision of high-quality, integrated, and efficient clinical health research. The ACRC is dedicated to the evolution of clinical health research and brings together researchers, healthcare delivery providers and provincial government ministries to drive innovation in the province.

Discussion Paper

In less than a decade, clinical health research is expected to undergo substantial transformation. The recent discussion paper examines future trends that will change clinical health research from today until the year 2030. Author Dr. Tammy Mah-Fraser, Executive Director of Health Platforms at Alberta Innovates, identifies five key areas :

  • the effects of COVID-19 on clinical research;
  • navigating post-COVID-19;
  • patient health status and data usage;
  • technological advances; and
  • a shift in clinical trials toward a higher value-chain model.

Identifying these trends helped shape the ACRC Strategic Plan III and is meant to spur discussion about transforming healthcare at a system level, and the level of coordination and collaboration required to achieve it.