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Alberta: The premier destination for clinical research

Alberta is open for business and ready to support innovative studies – the combination of local resources available to researchers, innovators, sponsors, and companies is unparalleled in Canada. Our latest report, Alberta’s Clinical Research Ecosystem: Driving Innovation for Care, is ready for your review! 

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September 2022 – New strategic plan unveiled

Our new strategic plan is now available. It outlines priorities relevant to our stakeholders’ vision and presents action plans, key steps, and proposed outcomes. The Phase III Strategic Priorities identified in the plan support the increase of high-quality, integrated, efficient clinical research in Alberta.

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Clinical health research

Clinical health research exists to improve quality of life. Through the Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC), we are proud to contribute to the development of best-practice clinical health research in our province. 

Five principles form the foundation of all ACRC projects, and its aim to streamline clinical health research in the province with the goals of:

  • providing Albertans with access to the best and most innovative health care possible, and
  • attracting both researchers and investment to the province

Our impact 

The Alberta Clinical Research Consortium creates high-quality, integrated and efficient clinical research in Alberta by:

  • Making clinical health research in Alberta clear, simple, transparent, and efficient
  • Creating partnerships and participation in clinical health research
  • Identifying the actions, assets, resources and infrastructure required for sustainable, integrated clinical health research


Research concierge service

Overwhelmed by starting up your study? Confused about which approvals are needed? The ACRC concierge service is here to help!

This service is designed to connect researchers & their teams with the resources necessary to conduct their research more effectively.

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Key Performance Indicators & Metrics

Metrics are a set of measurements that quantify results. When appropriately identified and collected, metrics can:

  • Tell us how we’re performing by comparing against benchmarks.
  • Help identify opportunities for improvement and decision making.
  • Help provide a value argument for clinical health research in Alberta.

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New Provincial training recommendations

High quality research stems from training and a knowledgeable research team. We’ve developed the following table to guide individuals on the training courses that are recommended and applicable to their work.

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Clinical Research Roadmap

The provincial clinical research roadmap provides interactive step-by-step instructions on how to navigate a clinical health research study.

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Current collaborations

Like every successful consortium, our value is in harnessing the knowledge, skills and expertise of its members. Until the ACRC, there was no single, coordinated mechanism within the province to connect the academic organizations, health systems, government, and the public on issues that impact the conduct of clinical health research.

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ACRC news

The Clinical Research Source is an educative bi-monthly release that keeps the clinical health research community updated about changes to relevant regulations, guidelines, processes, and practices. Subscribe now by emailing us at

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