Edmonton Innovation shares in over $20 million in funding 

Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - What if you could turn the windows in an office tower into see-through solar panels? Applied Quantum Materials (AQM), a University of Alberta spin-off company, based in Edmonton, believes they can. AQM was one of 29 successful projects in the Climate Change Innovation Technology Framework (CCITF) - Clean Technology Development program.

AQM has developed a novel technology using nanomaterials that when applied to everyday glass and windows, allows them to harvest and convert the ultraviolet portion of the solar spectrum. The light is wave-guided (channeled) to the edges where it is converted into electricity. This has the potential to revolutionize urban architecture by turning windows into power sources and convert the passive facades of urban buildings into distributed energy generation units, while simultaneously reducing the heat gain of the building.

We're encouraged by the funding we've received through the Clean Technologies Development program. It will allow us to move from proof-of-principle into commercial scale. Working closely with our partners, All Weather Windows, and PCL Construction, we hope to demonstrate that our technology will revolutionize the building industry.

David Antoniuk, PhD, P. Eng, CEO Applied Quantum Materials Inc.

The 29 successful projects, across Alberta, will share over $20.5 million in funding from the Clean Technology Development program. This new initiative received strong interest with 160 applicants applying. Projects include everything from detecting and controlling methane emissions to cannabis waste management. The CCITF initiative is a partnership between the Government of Alberta, Alberta Innovates, and Emissions Reduction Alberta.

The Clean Technology Development program intends to facilitate and support the development of novel clean technologies right from the science bench through to commercial application. It supports projects within CCITF's mandate, including, emerging clean technology opportunities promising advances in GHG emissions reduction technologies.

Alberta Innovates and its partners, Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) and the Government of Alberta - Economic Development and Trade are pleased with the strength of the Clean Technology Development program funding competition and the caliber of the applications. We know that the work being undertaken all over Alberta will lead both to innovation in clean energy and demonstrate real and tangible ways to reduce greenhouse gasses in our province.

Brett Purdy, Executive Director, Climate Change Innovation & Technology Framework

Alberta researchers are Canada's innovation leaders - from our Artificial Intelligence experts who have attracted world-leading software headquarters to our province, to the men and women who developed the SAG-D technology that the rest of the world now relies on - we have so much to be proud of. Today's investments will help turn homegrown ideas and technologies into jobs and businesses that will help grow and diversify our economy, and create a greener more sustainable province for the next generation."

Honourable Deron Bilous, Minister of Economic Development and Trade

From smart microgrids and advanced biofuels to solar and geothermal technology, the projects at the University of Alberta funded through the Clean Technology Development Program are producing the transformative technologies needed to build a more sustainable and innovative Alberta. Thank you to the Government of Alberta and Alberta Innovates for these critical investments and congratulations to all of the recipients across the province.

David H.Turpin, CM, PhD, LLD, FRSC, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Alberta
Minister Deron Bilous, Economic Development & Trade
David Antoniuk, PhD, CEO, Applied Quantum Materials


For a full listing of the Clean Technology Development program funding results, visit the Climate Change Innovation & Technology Framework funding page.

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