From bytes to bites: rebooting the agri-food sector

Learn more about how innovations are cultivating a new era in agricultural and food systems.

May 29, 2024

The agri-food sector stands at a critical juncture: tasked with producing more food sustainably in an ever-shifting landscape of finite resources. However, amidst these challenges emerges the transformative potential of data and digital technologies. These innovations stand ready to cultivate a new era in our agricultural and food systems, promising growth, resilience, and sustainability. At the heart of this digital revolution lies the prospect of better decision-making, with promises of reduced transaction costs, streamlined processes, and equitable access to vital information for all stakeholders. Yet, as we delve into the realm of digital agriculture, questions arise: Is it truly a reality? Is its adoption widespread across the agri-food value chain? Do the bytes of data translate into tangible bites of progress? Expert panelists delve deep into these inquiries, exploring the intersection of innovation, sustainability, and success within one of the world's oldest industries. Join us as we examine the imperative for adopting and validating new technologies and ponder whether the agri-food sector requires a profound reboot to secure its future in an ever-evolving landscape.


Dana McCauley, CEO at Canadian Food Innovation Network
Jonathan McFadden, Research Economist at U.S. Department of Agriculture
Jacqueline Keena, Managing Director at EMILI
Dr. Joy Agnew, Vice President Research, Executive Offices at Olds College
Dr. Godard, COO at Verge Agriculture

Recorded at Inventures on May 29, 2024.

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