New proteins for new products

Discover how the food production industry is tackling a growing demand for protein production.

May 30, 2024

The global demand for protein production is projected to soar by 2050. While animal-based meat has long been the mainstay, there's a surging interest in alternative protein sources. This presents a thrilling opportunity for the food industry to adapt to changing consumer preferences. Plant-based alternatives have already found their way onto our plates, but what about adding a serving of cellular agriculture or perhaps a dish of 3D-printed food? While traditional meat substitutes have their place, is it feasible to explore less conventional options for our meals? Can these alternatives truly address the global dietary demands of tomorrow? This panel delves into the mushrooming trends across various protein types, encompassing both traditional and unconventional alternatives. The panelists will navigate the dynamic landscape of protein sources and their implications for the future of food production, even when they appear at odds with tradition. Join us as we uncover the potential of these new proteins to become new products that would reshape our food perception while meeting the ever-evolving needs of consumers worldwide.


Jonathan Blutinger, Food Engineer at U.S. Army DEVCOM Soldier Center, Combat Feeding Division
Dr. Steven Webb, Chief Executive Officer at Global Institute for Food Security
Isha Datar, Executive Director at New Harvest
William Greuel, Chief Executive Officer at Protein Industries Canada

Recorded at Inventures on May 30, 2024.

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