Innovation to Help the Construction Industry Build More Sustainably

This panel conversation focuses on the change happening in the construction industry with regards to the sustainability of building materials.

June 16, 2023

Building materials are responsible for 11% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally, yet historically it has been difficult for stakeholders to address these emissions at scale because of entrenched practices and misaligned incentives. This panel discussion is focused on the change happening in the construction industry, across Canada and the U.S., with regards to building material sustainability. The conversation covers the state of the industry and the solutions that can improve sustainability.

Our panelists are Stephanie Fargas, Associate, DIALOG; Eric Law, CEO, Urban Machine; Anneli Tostar, CEO/Co-Founder, Tangible; and Eli Gould, Offsite Wood Product Founder/Manager (for QWEB and BCWood), STIX, L3C.

Originally aired June 16, 2023

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