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  Dec. 18, 2015           News Flash

Knowledge advancement, collaboration the focus of BCN-AI Bio conference

More than 250 participants representing academia, the biotech industry, the innovation system and government gathered in Edmonton for Bioindustrial Innovations: Unlocking Value and Tackling Climate Change. Co-hosted by AI Bio, it was the first and largest bioindustrial conference of its kind to be held in the Alberta capital.

  Dec. 07, 2015           News Flash

The Right Approach to Climate Smart Agriculture

Canada, led by the province of Alberta, is implementing climate-smart agriculture by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fertilizer use in crop production.  Fertilizer Canada has led two projects in Alberta, with financial support from Alberta Innovates BioSolutions and CCEMC, to provide NERP-based 4R Nutrient Stewardship training for farmers and the crop advisors who support them.

  Dec. 04, 2015           News Flash

Precision Broiler Breeder Feeding System Results in Uniform Chickens

Dr. Martin Zuidhof and his research team from the University of Alberta have recently completed a study to develop, and validate a Precision Broiler Breeder Feeding System (PBBFS). This unique feeding system accurately distributed feed to individual birds when their body weight is lower than their target weight. Financially supported by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, more information about this project is available by searching for project #BIO2011F121R in www.BioLINK.albertainnovates.ca

  Nov. 25, 2015           News Flash

AI Bio's Dr. Chavez invited to join Foothills Research Institute Science Advisory Committee

AI Bio's own Dr. Virginia Chavez has recently been invited to join the Science Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Foothills Research Institute based in Hinton. The SAC is a group of four scientific experts providing independent oversight of fRI Research Programs. Members of the SAC are eminently qualified science professionals and academics. Each will serve a 3 year term.

  Nov. 12, 2015           News Flash

Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions November e-newsletter published

Read AI Bio's November e-newsletter to learn how research is spurring growth in Alberta's agriculture, food and forest sectors.

  Nov. 12, 2015           News Flash

Taking stock of carbon pools in Alberta's forests

To mitigate the effects of climate change, governments strive to balance out CO2 emissions from human activity with carbon pools in nature, like forests. In a three-year research project funded by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, Dr. Fangliang He from the University of Alberta is studying the distribution of forest biomass across Alberta. Using computer modelling and remote sensing, he and his team are determining how much carbon is being absorbed by forests and where the "carbon hot spots" are located.

  Nov. 12, 2015           News Flash

Understanding how milk boosts weight loss and health

For generations, parents have urged their children to drink their milk-and for good reason. Milk contains calcium and other nutrients that are important for bodies of all ages. With funding from Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, University of Calgary physiology researcher Dr. Prasanth Chelikani has spent the last three years investigating how the different components of milk protein help with weight loss and stave off both diabetes and cardiovascular problems. 

  Nov. 12, 2015           News Flash

Graduate students get the big picture on biological greenhouse gas emissions control

An international workshop in Alberta not only gave graduate students a unique, 'big picture' look at biological methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the students themselves organized and delivered the entire event.

  Nov. 05, 2015           News Flash

Workshop on "Accounting for GHGs"

Measuring and tracking carbon flows is essential for understanding how changes in practice impact GHG emissions. Accounting for GHG emissions is also requirement in many industrial sectors, and forms the basis of Alberta's carbon offset program.  The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) Biological GHG Management Program, which is offered in partnership with AI Bio is pleased to offer a workshop, "Accounting for GHGs", which will help attendees understand both the basics and the complexities of tracking carbon from biological and industrial processes. 

  Nov. 01, 2015           News Flash

U of A researchers have found how to improve taste in steaks via more marbling

For cattle producers, there is value in understanding how fat is deposited in tissues. It contributes to marbling, which improves carcass quality and producer returns, while improving meat tenderness and eating quality for the consumer. U of A researchers have found how this process works. This project is financially supported by AI Bio and ALMA.

  Nov. 01, 2015           News Flash

New chicken-based products now ready for processors - salt substitute & joint lubrication supplement
With support from the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency Ltd. (ALMA), Alberta Innovates-Bio Solutions (AI-BIO) and Maple Leaf Foods, Dr. Betti and his team successfully completed two innovative value-added projects that utilize poultry products - a salt substitute and joint lubrication supplement

  Oct. 30, 2015           News Flash

Gary Lamphier: Carlo Montemagno's plan to save the Alberta economy

Carlo Montemagno, Director of the Alberta Ingenuity Lab at the U o A, is working on a plan would capture the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted at any one of dozens of Alberta industrial sites, from power plants to petrochemical facilities,without requiring any massive retrofits or the kind of multibillion-dollar investments associated with carbon sequestration. - This project is financially supported by the CCEMC-AIBIO Biological GHG Management Program.

  Oct. 01, 2015           News Flash

Food processors can use new food additive to avoid food poisoning in deli meat
In partnership with the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA) and Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, Dr. McMullen's team looked to determine whether a biopreservative could mitigate Listeria on ready-to-eat meats.

  Sep. 24, 2015           News Release

Biological GHG Management Program Funds Waste Characterization Study for the City of Lethbridge

Alberta's Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation has committed millions of dollars in funding to five projects that are helping Alberta municipalities adapt to climate change and improve landfill practices. The Waste Characterization Study for the City of Lethbridge receives $69,000 from the CCEMC-AI Bio Biological Greenhouse Gas Management Program.

  Sep. 16, 2015           Info Bulletin

Funding call opens for research and innovation projects to develop new bioindustrial products or technologies

EDMONTON, Canada - Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio) has launched a new funding program, "Alberta Bio Future, Research and Innovation," aimed at advancing knowledge that accelerates growth of new bioindustrial products or bioindustrial technologies for the benefit of Albertans.

  Sep. 08, 2015           News Flash

Carleton profs developing smart fertilizer that deploys only when plants tell it to

Carleton University chemistry professor Maria DeRosa and adjunct professor Carlos Monreal are developing a smart fertilizer that waits to release its nutrients until crops tell it to do so. Currently, unused or excess fertilizer often ends up in lakes and water ways where it creates algae blooms. A more efficient and cost-effective fertilizer can play a leading role in increasing crop yields and addressing malnutrition issues, as well as reducing the amount of fertilizer that farmers need to use, resulting in cost savings. This project has received support from Coop Fédérée and Agrium, as well as Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions.

  Sep. 03, 2015           News Flash

Cigi milling project shows significant potential for Canadian food barley

Cigi has been investigating better ways to mill Canadian food (hulless) barley into flour which may increase its potential for commercial use as a healthy ingredient...Funded by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions with food barley varieties supplied by the Alberta Barley Commission (ABC), the project was carried out by Cigi's milling and analytical services areas. Work focused on developing milling techniques and other information that would improve the competitiveness of flour produced from Canadian food barley and wheat in health food and ingredient markets.

  Sep. 03, 2015           News Flash

U of A researchers discover that bile acids could be the cure to prion diseases
Dr. Valerie Sim and her colleagues at the Centre for Prions and Protein Folding and a clinical neurologist at the University Hospital in Edmonton recently found that two forms of bile acids could prolong the life of prion-infected mice. This research is financially supported by the Alberta Prion Research Institute, a business line in AI Bio.

  Sep. 01, 2015           News Flash

Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions issues September newsletter

  Aug. 20, 2015           News Flash

Murray the face of Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions' presence at University of Lethbridge

The shingle is out and Dr. Christine Murray is eager to let the University of Lethbridge campus know that Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions is ready to support innovation in southern Alberta's agriculture, forestry and life sciences sectors. Dr. Christine Murray's role with AI Bio, where she started in 2010, includes all aspects of the research funding process and strategic development within AI Bio. Murray, who has set up shop in Markin Hall (M4009), urges U of L faculty and staff to contact her with any questions or ideas that may be related to AI Bio funding and programming. She will be visible on campus and can be contacted at 403-382-7188 or christine.murray@albertainnovates.ca.

  Jul. 30, 2015           News Release

Project confirms industrial process technology to produce biodegradable plastics from Canada's vast biomass resource

EDMONTON, AB and BEVERLY, MA, July 30, 2015 /CNW/ -  TerraVerdae BioWorks Inc, an industrial biotechnology company developing advanced bioplastics and performance biomaterials from environmentally sustainable sources, today announced that it has reached a major milestone-creation of its proprietary technology at a commercial scale. It has completed the scale-up optimization of its process to produce biodegradable PHA bioplastics from waste-derived methanol. This project is financially supported by AI Bio through its AMCP program.

  Jul. 22, 2015           News Flash

Livestock Gentec scientist and team awarded $10 million for dairy genomics study

Edmonton...New funding to increase feed efficiency and reduce methane emissions in Canada's dairy industry. $10.3 million for a Genome Alberta - Ontario-led research team...The research team led by Dr. Filippo Miglior of the University of Guelph and Dr. Paul Stothard from Livestock Gentec (an Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions Centre) at the University of Alberta want to change that by using the latest genomic approaches and the award-winning phenotyping platform developed by Growsafe here in Alberta, to collect and assess the required data to carry out the selection.

  Jul. 15, 2015           News Release

DuPont Pioneer opens new corn facility

DuPont Pioneer opened a new facility in the County of Lethbridge, July 8 that will work to develop ultra-early maturity corn hybrids. As well, the facility will be used to develop canola hybrids and soybean varieties for the area...Funding for this facility was provided by the Alberta Government, the Alberta Crop Industry Fund as well as Alberta Innovates Bio solutions. Getting the funding helped DuPont Pioneer get this facility up and running much sooner. 

  Jul. 06, 2015           Info Bulletin

Funding call opens for pre-commercial projects developing new bioindustrial products or technologies

EDMONTON … Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio) has launched a new funding program, "Alberta Bio Future Product and Technology Commercialization,"  aimed at helping companies with pre-commercial or commercial development of new bioindustrial products or bioindustrial technologies.

  Jul. 04, 2015           News Flash

Impact Innovation 2015 presentations available online

It was a full house at Edmonton's Citadel Theatre, Zeidler Hall for AI Bio's annual public lecture event. The three-hour program on May 13, 2015, featured six researchers whose important work is supported by AI Bio. The speakers presented on a wide range of interesting topics, including remediation of contaminated sites, effect of climate change on Alberta's forest fire season and Alzheimer's research. If you couldn't make it to the event or would like to see one or more of the presentations again, videos and powerpoint presenations of each speaker are posted to the event webpage, Impact Innovation 2015. Now mark your calendar for Impact Innovation 2016! It will be held Wednesday, May 11, 2016. This event is free and open to the public. Check the event webpage in spring 2016 for more details.

  Jul. 04, 2015           News Flash

Ingredients for Success conference presentations available online

What a success! AI Bio hosted "Ingredients for Success: the Conference on Food Innovation 2015" on May 26 and 27, 2015 at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino, in Calgary. Of the 162 attendees, 61 attendees represented food processors or food related businesses and 10 were from commodity associations. The program was compelling enough to keep attendees in their seats to the very last minute! Attendees learned the latest about food innovation on day one, and about food safety on day two. Held in conjunction with the conference were the Alberta Food Awards hosted by the Alberta Food Processors Association. Winner of the AI Bio-sponsored award of "Most Innovative food ingredient, food product or beverage with Alberta grown/raised ingredients" was Mountain Meadows Food Processing (Caryll and Norman Carruthers) with their "No Nuts Chocolate Peabutter portion paks." Photos, videos and the speakers' powerpoint presentations are posted on the event webpage.

  Jun. 30, 2015           News Release

AI-EES invests $1.5 Million in game-changing energy storage technology projects

Results from six projects to help harness renewable energy

Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES) announced $1.5 Million in funding for six new energy storage projects that aim to help the province meet its targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the deployment of renewable energy.


  May. 28, 2015           News Release

Scale-up of new Ceapro platform technology expected to generate high-quality bioproducts, increase potential for growth of Alberta bioindustrial sector

EDMONTON, ALBERTA - May 28, 2015 - Ceapro Inc.     (TSX-v: CZO) ("Ceapro" or the "Company"), a growth-stage biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of active ingredients for the health-care and cosmetic industries, announced today it will embark on a scale-up of its proprietary PGX technology to commercial and demonstration levels.

  May. 14, 2015           News Flash

CCEMC offers $25 million per shovel-ready project

The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation has $75 million (with a max of $25 million per project) available to support shovel ready projects that can reduce GHG emissions in Alberta. The focus is on any type of technology project, including biological, that can reduce emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes CO2e annually and be implemented before 2020. The deadline for submissions  is July 2, 2015.  Further details, including the submission guide and instructions,  are available at  http://ccemc.ca/proposals/shovel-ready-projects/.

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