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Program at a Glance

Program Status: Active
Strategic Initiative: Digital Health
Business Area: Health Innovation
Priority Area(s): This program is trying to enable patient impacts through the implementation of clinical and operational system digital technologies.


Program Status: Active
Alberta-based: Yes
Organization Type: Small to Medium Enterprise



  • Enhance interoperability between clinical products from different vendors.
  • Allow for regulation compliant communication and/or data-sharing that support workflows of physicians and patient care teams.
  • Effectively manage risks related to privacy breaches while significantly enhancing data sharing capacity for innovation.

Funding: Up to $300,000 – please see the program guide for more details.

Term: Up to 24 months

The success of this program will be measured in aggregate across the portfolio of projects. While individual project outcomes are expected, all projects should align with the program objectives and contribute to the indicators of success as outlined below.

The key outcomes (i.e., measurable effects) the program will accomplish for the benefit of Albertans:

  • $ invested in areas of research, innovation and commercialization.
  • # of clients supported through grant investments.
  • # of new hires (jobs) in Alberta in SMEs funded by Alberta Innovates.
  • (%) concepts projects progressing to translational stage.


The Digital Health Sandbox program is open to:

Alberta-based, for-profit, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with:

  • A significant physical and corporate operational presence in Alberta.
  • Appropriate Alberta ownership.
  • Discernable intent that operational benefits will flow primarily within the province of Alberta.
  • Projects must include a third party independent clinical/user testing site as a co-applicant.

See the program guide for more details.

How To Apply

We use a digital application portal to manage all incoming funding requests. There are two important steps to complete: If you’re new to SmartSimple, our application portal, you must first create a user account (i.e., account registration). Then, follow up by completing an application for this specific program.

Evaluation Process

Phase I – Application Submission and Review

Applicant representatives use the SmartSimple portal to fill and submit an application on behalf of the applicant. The applications review process is highly competitive and only the highest-quality projects will be considered for funding.

Phase II – Negotiation and Agreement

Successful applicants will execute an agreement with Alberta Innovates to proceed with the project.

Agreement will include details regarding:

  • Conditions related to any funding provided.
  • Reporting on progress to milestones and budget on an agreed timeline during the term of the agreement; and
  • Reporting on progress to outcomes on an agreed to timeline during and following the term of the agreement.

Support Resources


Raja Mita

Executive Director, Health Innovation

Closed Intakes

Digital Health Sandbox - Intake

This Program is trying to enable patient impacts through the implementation of clinical and operational system digital technologies.


Registration closed: September 22, 2023

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