Guiding Principles

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The following principles are the foundation for the development of the sub-projects:

  1. Collaboration
    • Promote active engagement and participation of academic and community-based researchers and representatives from the healthcare organizations from across the province.
    • Maximize the applicability to and accessibility in different types of clinical research environments
    • It is through this collective participation that this provincial initiative is able to achieve shared the vision beyond the capabilities of a single organization.
  2. Best Practice
    • Build on the province’s strengths by leveraging existing solutions that incorporates best practices and applicable guidelines in the development of the sub-projects
    • Promote quality research and clarity that reduces risk to the researchers and institutions through adherence to standardized and common processes
    • Align and benchmark with national and international organizations
  3. Simplification
    • Reduce non-value added steps including those that do not contribute to quality, efficiency, informed decision-making and risk mitigation
    • Reduce duplicative work and processes, seeking efficiencies including through technology
    • Promote clarity and transparency in the processes with real time information
  4. Coordination
    • Create efficiencies and simplicity through coordination of processes and the partner organizations
    • Identify links between the sub-projects and in the roadmap
  5. Accountability
    • Enhance accountability throughout the research study process
    • Promote informed decision-making that helps maximize resource allocation and long-term value.