Research concierge service

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Piloting a new service for Alberta’s researchers

Services offered

We assist and educate researchers and their teams on how to navigate the complex clinical health research environment from study start-up to finish.

  • General consultation to assess research needs
  • Develop project-specific plan on how to navigate the research administration and regulatory processes
  • Connect you with required resources & services

Answers to your research questions

  • What funding sources are available?
  • What administrative or regulatory requirements apply to my study?
  • Who can I contact about a certain policy or procedure?
  • What training opportunities are there for my research team?
  • What data capture tools are available?
  • What clinical trial management system is available?
  • Who can help with method development and statistical analysis?
  • Where can I post my study to enhance patient recruitment?
  • And many other research questions!

Who can contact us?

The research concierge service is open to everyone – new and experienced investigators, community-based physician researchers, research coordinators, and students. Interventional and observational research studies

Contact us

Submit your research project, request a consultation or send questions to

Service will be provided in-kind