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Data-enabled innovation

We help innovators be shovel ready with their data to develop new technologies such as artificial intelligence. We assist companies to prepare data and ensure that it can be shared in a trusted and secure way.

Steps for project development

Ensuring the right fit

We look to work with high potential companies with outcomes that will provide economic and social benefits for Alberta. We consider the readiness of the company, project and data. The following defines how ADI will collaborate with clients.

Client intake

We will define the right fit to determine eligibility by considering:

  • data,
  • project, and organizational readiness levels are high, and
  • alignment with Alberta Innovates’ priorities.

Intake may occur through the innovation ecosystem or via the many doors that Alberta Innovates offers.

Project Scoping

Using specific criteria, if we determine a client and their project are ready, project scoping will begin.

We’ll work with the client to conduct an environmental scan to determine if the solution being proposed by the client is solving “real” problem.

We’ll also determine at this point if the project requires the ADI’s services to complete it.

Project plan development

If the project is determined to be a fit, we’ll collaborate with the client to develop the project plan. The project planning includes:

  • creating and agreeing to an MOU/terms of engagement,
  • a workplan, and
  • a budget.

Also, we’ll work with the client to identify available skills/competencies and resource requirements needed to conduct the project.

Resource procurement

We will support the client to procure the needed resources for the project. This will include assembling a project team to meet the needs of the client. A finalized project charter that outlines where resources will come from, who is on the project team, the scope of the project, and project timelines will be prepared and agreed upon by the full project team.

Data ingestion and refining

After the needed data is gathered together and ingested into the technical platform, the data scientist(s) on the team will be responsible for the data refinement in collaboration with the project’s domain expert.  The refined data sets will be used to train models and further refined as needed.

Hand off to ecosystem partners and product development

One a refined data set and model has been created, tested, and improved, it will be handed off by the client and the ADI to ecosystem partners to support development of an application. This may involve connecting clients to external ecosystem partners or internal Alberta Innovates partners where clients can participate in competitive application processes to seek additional support along their innovation journey.

COVID-19 Hackathon

COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), continues to spread around the world. COVID-19 is a global pandemic, and “flattening the curve” is a critical approach for slowing the spread of the disease in our population so as to not overwhelm our healthcare system. As a pandemic, COVID-19 is not going to disappear quickly, but we can work to reduce its impact. Our goal should be to have as few people infected at the same time as possible.

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