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Data-Enabled Innovation

The Alberta Data Institute (ADI), launched in 2018, facilitates innovation in the province by providing Alberta researchers and entrepreneurs with technical services and access to datasets required for the development of industry-led, advanced applications that require large amounts of data, including artificial intelligence.

Our clients will benefit from the opportunity to prototype data-driven ideas, derisk early-stage innovation and increase their data maturity and capabilities.

Data-driven innovations will emerge in all sectors to support initiatives in food safety, smart agriculture, environmental monitoring, pipeline management, healthier Albertans and more.  We need to understand the data coming out of these sectors better. We need to listen to the stories and understand the accomplishments and challenges of the many organizations across Alberta’s innovation ecosystem. 

As such, we are not only partnering across all of Alberta Innovates’ programs and business lines, but we are also building strong partnerships with Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), Cybera and other groups across industry and post-secondary institutions.

Pilot projects

Using data to provide better health care

We are engaging on a targeted pilot project with our partners to demonstrate how artificial intelligence can help achieve improved health care objectives. 

Our goals are to provide positive impact by:

  1. Facilitating the enhanced and advanced use of health, environmental, social data and other digital information for the benefit of Albertans; and 
  2. Leveraging data and analytics to build capacity that creates and advances knowledge to foster innovation and promote Alberta’s economic and social growth.

The solution

  1. Sector engagement: Innovative opportunities to access and analyze meaningful data with the purpose of addressing industry challenges will be identified through consultation and fostering ongoing relationships.  Therefore, sector experts will engage with the ADI to identify the right datasets to collect and curate, and potential data refinement processes needed, to make the raw data better suited for specific analyses.
  2. Raw data extraction: Partnerships, data governance, and a trust-based approach is crucial to how the ADI can engage with data owners and be able to access their raw data.
  3. Data refinement: The ADI technical platform will allow users to refine data using data science tools. This refinement will maintain data richness while ensuring it can be easily ingested for further analysis and, at the same time, respect data privacy. The ADI will facilitate access to these refined datasets not only in direct response to an identified sector opportunity, but also through the ADI’s data portal where unexpected additional insights may be found.
  4. Storage, sharing and discovery: The ADI will house and curate the refined datasets in the ADI’s data portal. In its portal, datasets will be catalogued and curated. Linkages and insights identified between datasets will be maintained and exposed to other users to build from, extracting further value from the data. The ADI is in the unique position to build trust and establish lasting partnerships that can be reinforced and it will create tangible value by facilitating well-managed data- and insight-sharing amongst data providers and users.

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