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The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Graduate Studentship provides opportunities for individuals enrolled in a thesis-based Master’s or PhD program at an Alberta university to undertake patient-oriented health-related research.

Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship recipients will have the opportunity to attain the knowledge and experience to transition to careers in research and innovation areas and beyond that leverages their scientific training and expertise.

To develop the required interdisciplinary and collaborative skill sets for Alberta’s next generation of scientists, clinicians, and health services professionals, the SPOR SUPPORT Unit’s Career Development Platform coordinates competency development activities in patient-oriented research for successful applicants (see application instructions and program for more details).

How the program works


The Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship provides one year of funding support towards the first year of a thesis-based Master’s or Doctoral degree, consisting of a stipend of $30,000.


Supporting and building capacity for first year Master’s or PhD graduate students in the principles and practice of patient oriented research; providing patient oriented research activities to develop capacity through a multi-disciplinary approach for all stakeholders including students, thesis primary research supervisors, patients, and community team members;

Creating opportunities for stakeholder groups to work closely together from conceptualization of research question to dissemination and implementation of results at the practice and community levels.

Who can apply?

SPOR Graduate Studentships are open to individuals who:

  • Live in Alberta and are enrolled in, or accepted to, a graduate program at a post-secondary institution in Alberta.
  • Are in, or entering, their first year of graduate program.
  • Demonstrate that their proposed project includes at least one of the following minimum requirements:
    • Meaningfully engages patients as partners,
    • Focuses on patient-identified priorities, or
    • Aims to improve patient outcomes.

Key documents & forms

Results & announcements

2019/2020 announcement (anticipated in early 2020)

Program contact

Kathy Morrison, Senior Coordinator, Grants Processing