October 20, 2020

What we do in our watersheds and how they react to a changing climate can have big impacts on the water volumes and quantities we see downstream. A significant body of research has been underway over the last 10 years trying to improve our understanding of cause and effect in our watersheds. Now is a good time to evaluate what that research has told us and to consider where do we need to go from here.

Rich Petrone, University of Waterloo, "Ecological Controls on the Hydrologic Response to Climate Change and Extreme Events in the Canadian Rockies"
Uldis Silins, University of Alberta, "The future of water supply and watershed management in Alberta - Best source-to-tap practices for source water protection in the eastern slopes"
Chris Hopkinson, University of Lethbridge, "The Castle Watershed: A New Water Resource Assessment Framework for a Sentinel System at the Crown of the Continent (pre-recorded video)".

Originally aired October 2020 as part of the Water Innovation Connect Series.

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