Photo of G2V Optics perihelion lighting product

G2V Optics: creating data science solutions

The genesis of G2V Optics grew out of Taschuk’s work as a research associate at the University of Alberta with Dr. Michael Brett in around 2003. At the time, Brett was funded by the precursor to Alberta Innovates as the Industrial Research Chair in Thin Film Engineering. The goal was to investigate the fabrication and characterization of nanoscale materials, in part for application to solar cells.

Why innovation matters: A Q&A with Tricia Shanahan

We love to talk about innovation — after all, it’s right in our name: Alberta Innovates. But why is innovation important? What...

Carbon fibre could transform Alberta’s oil industry

Alberta’s oil sands could contain the province’s greatest untapped resource. That might be surprising, given that the province currently produces...

Join us in Calgary for Inventures 2020

Inventures 2019 brought together some 4,000 innovators, investors, industry leaders and thought leaders from 32 countries. With more than 230...

New future for Alberta bitumen in advanced materials

Alberta Innovates is launching a major new clean technology initiative called the Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge, a $15-million international competition to accelerate development of carbon fibre from bitumen in Alberta.

Alberta Innovates Launches: Exploring Cannabis-Based Medicines and Tools (mCannabis) program

New Funding Opportunity: This program is an opportunity for stakeholders in Alberta’s Cannabis ecosystem to collaborate in a coordinated way to advance Cannabis research and innovations that aim to enhance patient care, improve patient outcomes, support training of health professionals, and responsibly grow Canada’s Cannabis industry.

Forward Water takes the waste out of industrial wastewater

We use water everyday; water for washing, water to drink, or water used for sanitation. When Howie Honeyman thinks of...

Alberta Innovates Launches: eXtended Reality Health Economic Acceleration and Development (xR HEAD) Program

New Funding Opportunity: Alberta Innovates and the Alberta Chapter of the Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Association (VRARA) are bringing together Alberta’s virtual, mixed, and augmented-reality, (xR), and the health innovation ecosystem to jointly develop xR innovations that can enhance patient care or support the training of health professionals.

Managing health research

Did you know that Alberta Innovates, Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health are using a digital system to improve the efficiency of administrative processes involved in clinical health research studies?

Improving care through telemedicine

High blood pressure is a leading cause of disability and death globally with an estimated 771 thousand Albertans living with the condition.

A member of a University of Alberta research team investigates various organisms that can break down lignin to make biofuels.

Alberta researchers investigate lignin as feedstock for biofuel

The University of Alberta has developed an exciting new technology supported by Alberta Innovates which is able to convert oils and fats, commonly known as lipids, into green fuels such as renewable diesel and bio jet fuel.

Trident water pump mounted on an all-terrain vehicle

Alberta entrepreneur builds unique water pump to deal with forest fires

On the May long weekend this year, Kevin Younker received a distress call from the owner of a work camp near Manning in northern Alberta. A wildfire was encroaching on the multi-million-dollar structure located in a remote bush area outside the town.