Global Opportunities in Digital Health: Network Medicine

Learn about opportunities in network medicine and how a system-level approach can unlock the potential of health innovation, featuring Dr. Joseph Loscalzo.

February 17, 2021

Alberta needs to harness the power of emerging health opportunities to unlock the full potential of its health innovation capacity. The advent of emerging methods and technologies promises to create products that deliver more effective and patient-centered care. One approach is Network Medicine, a paradigm-changing discipline that uses systems biology and network science to understand disease mechanisms and therapeutic strategies from an integrated perspective. Join Alberta Innovates on February 17 and learn about the advances and opportunities in the field of Network Medicine featuring Dr. Joseph Loscalzo, a leading international authority on the subject. Dr. Loscalzo has made tremendous contributions to establishing the field of Network Medicine, which involves going from molecular level to systems level thinking connecting the biological, environmental, and social aspects of human health.

Originally aired February 17, 2021.

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