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Alberta Innovates makes key investments during this time of economic uncertainty

Edmonton, Alberta - Alberta Innovates has invested $57 million into research and innovation activities in Alberta in recent months. During this time of economic uncertainty, providing funding and support to researchers, entrepreneurs and innovative companies helps to ensure the work they're engaged in will continue.

As the pandemic began to take hold, Alberta Innovates kept its programs and other innovation activities on track while carrying out its usual due diligence in awarding grants to qualifying applicants.

Provincial funds granted during March, April and May went toward a wide variety of activities in health care, the resource sector, start-up companies, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and post-secondary institutions. Alberta Innovates is putting special emphasis on advancing emerging technologies in our province's traditional areas of strength. Here are some highlights, with more information in the backgrounder below:

  • In addition to rapid-response funding for COVID-19-related research, Alberta Innovates is supporting programs that explore new ways to advance emerging technologies in the health system.
  • We provide financial support to entrepreneurs and innovators in high-risk, high-reward tech companies who qualify for funding.
  • We fund researchers and innovators working on clean technology, new uses for bitumen, and water and land reclamation projects.
  • We provide ongoing support to post-secondary students and trainees at all levels.
  • Support for the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), ACAMP, and TECTERRA.


"Alberta is committed to making key and timely investments to keep Albertans working and moving forward. The innovation investments we make today will create jobs and economic benefits during this difficult time. Alberta Innovates is building on Alberta's competitiveness to help build a new future."

- Minister Tanya Fir, Economic Development, Tourism and Trade

"It is more important now than ever to look ahead. The investments we make today in emerging areas, the stimulus we provide, and the supports and expert services we offer will help Albertans through this time of economic uncertainty and set us up for success."

- Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates


Alberta Innovates is investing in new ideas around health and wellness. Programs that explore new ways to advance technologies into the health system, new ways to evaluate clinical effectiveness of cutting-edge research and exploring new avenues of research like cannabis to control pain and the use of extended reality. Some of the programs include:

We are also providing financial support to entrepreneurs and innovators who require funding at critical times during their business evolution. Small grants, through our voucher programs, help entrepreneurs advance their ideas from concepts to businesses with a plan. We also support networks around Alberta that provide services to entrepreneurs and innovators. Some of those programs include:

We're supporting those researchers and innovators in the province who are hard at work in the new economy, creating an intersection between technology and a cleaner environment. Current programs in Clean Resources include:

The post-secondary community needs our financial help more than ever. We have committed to supporting researchers at all levels. From summer students all the way to post-doctoral trainees, we consider the research happening in Alberta to be critically important.

We provide ongoing support to the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii). Artificial intelligence and machine-learning is the frontier for research in the province. Alberta Innovates has made digital technologies a pillar of its business and operations plan. We recognize how vitally important that work is.

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